How To Wake Up Early In The Morning

How To Wake Up Early In The Morning Everyday (7 Proven Tips)

Hey, Are you still a late riser? Want to know how to wake up early in the morning everyday?

Or you have tried a different method to wake up early, but it all proved abortive?

Welcome to the right place where you find a solution to your problem.

In today’s topic, we will be addressing the absolute tips on how to sleep and wake up early every day.

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So, let’s get started.

Tip Number One: Always Sleep Earlier and Get Enough Sleep

You must be familiar with the common saying “Early to bed, early to rise”.

The saying is absolutely true and trustworthy.

If you’re someone who likes to get involved with chores in the late hours like sorting emails and interacting with our mobile phones or maybe you are the kind that loves watching TV at night.

This habit makes it difficult to accomplish waking up early.

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) says that peoples that are short sleepers and sleep less than 7 hours are prone to obesity, physical inactivity, and generally susceptible to all forms of health risks.

So, to achieve waking up early, short sleeping must be avoided by always sleeping earlier than before.

Early sleeping is powerful and presents innumerable benefits like better sleep quality, improves memory, controls weight, generates more energy, and reduces anxiety and depression.

So, if you want to wake up early, always sleep early to prevent sleep deprivation.

Tip Number Two: Give Yourself An Exciting Reason to Wake Up

Have you ever considered the influence of plans for the morning on your sleeping cycle?

Changes in the morning routine help to get rid of morning grogginess.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke research found that the brain is the center responsible for sleep and arousal.

If your early morning routine is to do exercise, but you don’t like exercising your body in the morning.

Changing your plan to something you are interested in or you love to do will prevent waking reluctance and get you off bed easily.

You can easily do this by making a list of things you love to do and coming up with a plan of doing any before you go to sleep.   

Tip Number Three: Distance Your Alarm Clock Away From The Bed

Even after setting dozens of alarms, you still find yourself snoozing it all and eventually waking up late. 

A study conducted by French tech firm Withing shows that 76% of Americans wake up in the morning from the sound of an alarm and more than 57% admits to hitting the snooze button at least once.

The roles of alarm are countless; for regulating sleep patterns, helps in waking up from a quick nap, preventing oversleeping, providing peace of mind as suggested by a psychotherapist and founder of Sleep Easily.

To avoid snoozing every time, if the alarm is placed far from the hand reach, this will prompt getting up to shut off the annoying sound thus reach the goal of waking up.

Tip Number Four: Do Not Make Sudden Changes In The Sleep Cycle

So, you always wake up by 8 a.m., but you’ve tried to wake up at 5 a.m. and this was possible once and after that day, you found yourself waking up late again every day.

Now, you’re wondering what the problem might be. What if you try waking up 10 minutes or 30 minutes earlier?

Yes, all it takes is just to make the little by little changes and not run after the drastic logic of waking up three hours earlier.

As indicated by a conclusion drawn from Watson and Crick’s work that says small wins or everyday progress is all needed to make a difference.

It also stated that the power of progress is essential to human nature.

Slow changes will assist the body in waking up naturally, it will allow you to easily stick to the routine, It allows you to quickly reach the main goal time, and it makes you feel comfortable while changing your waking up time.

Tip Number Five: Scheduling Appointments to Wake Up On Time

Using peer pressure is an effective method of waking up early.

Setting up appointments with early risers or other people act as a powerful force that compels one to unavoidably wake up early.

For example, setting a meeting with one of your colleagues or having a coffee meeting with one of your employees.

According to a national online questionnaire-based survey study that was done on the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on sleep-wake schedule, it was confirmed that sleep onset and waking time was delayed in both genders due to the lock down and social distancing.

The benefits of this tip are limitless because You will be motivated to get off the bed, you wouldn’t like to disappoint, a chance to speak with the person will be an advantage, and a self-willed waking up is healthier and prone to consistency.

So, find yourself, someone, to hang out with, and you will notice yourself waking up earlier than usual. It has amazingly worked.

Tip Number Six: Take Advantage Of The Morning Light Exposure

Exposure to early morning sunshine is a natural way of waking up behind those dark rooms.

Neuroscientists have found that there are sensitive eye cells that absorb light to set the circadian clock putting the body on a total wake mode.

A study conducted in 2019 also proved that exposure to sunlight helps the body get full alertness and less depression by regulating the release of melatonin, a hormone responsible for inducing sleep at night.

When the body is exposed to morning sunlight, the brain also produces wake-assisting adrenalin which makes people feel good and this reduces the struggle of getting off the spreads.

Continuous morning exposure to sunlight will lead to Improved everyday mood, Helps increase productivity, you feel less depressed or stressed, leads to better sleep and a healthier sleeping cycle.

Tip Number Seven: Track Your Progress

While you are getting used to this new morning routine, accountability is another reasonable way to get more.

Tracking your progress gives you the insight of getting a step closer to the goal each day and also reminds you of the necessity to keep chasing the goal.

A non-intense but effective way of tracking one’s progress is marking the calendar with the marker every day we wake up early.

After marking the calendar, you’ll feel fulfilled and this creates a sense of consistency.

This habit of tracking progress helps you stay focus, helps identify every drawback, and how to overcome them, it will keep you motivated till the end of the goal, it will make you a successful timekeeper.

Follow these tips that we have discussed in detail that will help you out for better and longer sleep at night.

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