5 Workouts For A Flat Stomach

Belly Fat Exercises: 5 Workouts For A Slimmer Waist

In the current situation – the lockdown restrictions which confine us to our homes, we should pay more attention to our health. 

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Basic home exercises can help us devote time to our bodies. Flat tummy is dream number one for most of us. 

However, it is quite problematic to allocate time to this problem due to our busy schedules. Gym workouts may be confusing – a long time span and a large number of exercises. 

However, imagine that you can yield results for just five minutes a day. You should allocate this short time span for the sake of your health. 

The given information below will briefly outline the five unique exercises that will help transform you from fat to fit quickly without extra time and equipment.

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5 Workouts For A Slimmer Waist


  • Warm-up: Skipping Rope – 30 seconds

To warm up before starting your workout, it is enough to perform a naval hundred’ with half turn. This exercise is perfect for turning your leg muscles into an appropriate mood to start.

Spend just 30 seconds on the exercise to start the blood moving and your muscles ready. Remember, it is crucial to warm up in such a way as to keep your body in tune and prevent injury.

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  • Plank Exercise with Knees and Elbows – 30 seconds

The exercise targets your abs, glutes, hips, and shoulders, which are important muscles to practice.

Just start planking on your knees on the floor, putting your elbows on the floor as well, and holding the position for 30 seconds. Make sure that your back is straight, your abs are tight, and you are engaged.

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  • Side Plank Oblique Crunch – 40 seconds

For trimming and toning your oblique area, try side plank oblique crunch. This exercise targets muscles along your torso’s sides and helps sculpt a sleek waistline. 

Stand steady, with one arm above and one below at 90°. Balance your body, lifting your hip up and down for 40 seconds each on both sides.

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Belly Fat Exercise- 5 Workouts For A Flat Stomach And A Slimmer Waist

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  • Warrior Balance Exercise – 60 seconds

The other one on the list is the Warrior balance, a full-body exercise that helps lose belly fat and build lean muscle in your chest, shoulders, and hamstring. 

It requires holding the pose for up to 60 seconds and can be challenging at first, however, better with practice.

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  • Russian Twist – 2 minutes

The Russian Twist will work your core, obliques, and spine muscles. 

Lie on the floor with your feet, and twist your body’s torso from side to side. When you twist one side, touch the floor but come back. 

Trimming belly fat can occasionally feel like a narcotics operation; however, you can get that wonderful body shape if you heed the following strategies. 

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How to Trim Belly Fat

Trimming belly fat may sometimes seem like a drug transaction, but a few simple changes that help you dump those awful tires fast would not be in any coherent way vital. 

  • Adopt a Healthy Diet

The most important step to losing belly fat is to consume fewer calories. 

Go ahead and strike burgers and fries off the list and adopt a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy items. 

Furthermore, make certain you never eat to the point of wishful thinking, even though sometimes it is pleasant to have a second serving.

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  • Eliminate Sugary Drinks

Be wary of what you drink, as easily ingesting sugary drinks might rapidly lead to additional calories and weight in this area.

Cut back on all sodas, juices, and sweetened beverages that contain little to no nutritional value, sabotaging your belly fat reduction efforts. 

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  • Stay Active

To lose belly fat, regular physical activity is an absolute necessity. There are several forms of workouts, including yoga or pilates. 

Exercise is not just to lose the inches but to also boost your self-assurance and keep you energized and charged. 

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Final Words

These are some of the exercises that will help you lose your waist inches quickly; diet is vital for fat loss, and the exercises mentioned above will help you obtain the desired results. 

Traditional exercises such as endless cycling or endless crunches may take time.

Instead, concentrate on specialized workouts to help you work out your tummy muscles and speed up the process.

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