Perfect Night Time Routine Checklist

7 Perfect Night Time Routine Checklist for A Productive Morning

Well, want to know what are the perfect night time routine checklists? let’s begin…

And there you have it, the morning light shining right into your face as you slowly and steadily open those eyes lids to see the amazing new day.

But then again, you rap yourself around your blanket as the warmth it delivers and the comfort you are experiencing is something you don’t want to let go of.

Suddenly, the alarm goes off and you know yet again that you need to get up but that relaxation in your brain forces you to roll over and just slam the snooze button just to get another few minute of the wakey-sleep.

Of course, it’s awesome. Your mind falls into the land of imagination where your worries of the day are all just converted into pixel dust of energy pushing away all the negative vibes.

After a short while, reality kicks in with you realizing you are already late to get out of bed.

You try to get everything done fast and get to work in time but end up missing out on certain morning routines and it is during this moment that the stress starts to creep in and you whole day becomes not so productive.

It’s bad, really bad… but fortunately, there’s a way of fixing this.

Welcome to Thriven Authority and in today’s we’ll be going through helps night routine tips to make your morning very productive.

Let’s get started.


Tip Number One: Avoid Attention Volatility

Attention volatility is all about randomness, a situation where you mind keeps racing from one though to another.

You see, the mind is like a computed device. Put in the words of Alan Lightman, we are all a part of some big machine and this means, just like any other machine or computed device, you have several activities to perform.

The mind starts think of these activities trying to figure out which to complete first before the other.

The thoughts permeate your mind throughout the day that you even end up taking them to bed thereby creating a loss of concentration that deprives you of your sleep.

According to a publication made by the Military Health System, the body reacts to thoughts and frustrations and this creates physical discomfort that makes sleeping difficult.

But it’s not just your important activities… even your screen time with social media or your favorite show are all contribute to a rapidly changing attention that leads to poor sleep and in turn, leads to a less productive day.

By avoiding attention volatility, you will sleep better, wake up faster, become more productive in the day, feel less frustrated, and relieve yourself of possible physical pains.

Tip Number Two: Don’t Make Room For The Negatives

The world is a great and a bad place at the same time. So much good and bad lingering around.

Every day, you get faced with some sort of negative situation and feeling that tends to weigh you down.

Such negatives can lead to a lot of damage and you shouldn’t make space for them.

In fact, a study performed by a team at the University of Wisconsin showed that people who prioritize their mind with negative emotions tend to have an overall lowered body immunity.

With a lowered immunity comes vulnerability, you become easily vulnerable to minute physical pain that will hinder your daily productivity.

If you want your next day to be as productive as it can be, then negativity is one of those things you need to do away with.

Eliminate it completely as it doesn’t just affect the body but also affects the mind causing it to relinquish in decisiveness.

And remember, all forms of productivity start with a determined mind.

By not making room for the negatives, you get to be more focused, improve your positivity, and just feel happy.

Tip Number Three: Make Plans For The Next Day

This is something you shouldn’t even exempt and must be a top priority on your night routine list.

Because, like a popular saying says, failing to plan is like planning to fail.

The truth is that the coming of a new day is one of the most frustrating feeling ever since you tend not to know what will come out of such a day.

But with a plan of action, you have a better feeling of how the day should play out and this knowledge provides you with the zeal needed to get out of bed fast and start making things happen.

According to Becher J from the Forbes Magazine, it has been demonstrated that productivity can be increased by having a written plan.

By making plans for the next day, you get a clear idea of why you wish to do when you wake, you become more in charge of the way you use your time, you have a clear view of what to tackle first, and you have a bigger drive to accomplish more things before going to bed again.

Tip Number Four: Don’t Forget To Sleep On Time

I know what you might be thinking.

“I go to bed late most of the time but I still get up very early.”

Of course, you do but do you end up becoming very productive during such days?

Not you don’t…. want to know why?

Well, it’s because sleeping early isn’t just about waking up early; it goes a long was as to the physical effect it has on you.

When you sleep late and try to wake up early, you end up depriving your body of enough sleep and this is very detrimental.

In fact, according to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, short sleepers are very prone to obesity, physical inactivity, and several other health risks.

This means when you don’t sleep on time, you are definitely signing up for a non-productive day.

To become more productive, to become filled with more energy, and to improve your health and memory functions, ensure to sleep on time.

Tip Number Five: Sober It Up

Sometimes all you just want to do is tip a little bit of shots to drown those thoughts away but then you end up with the whole bottle drowning down your throat.

If you wish to be more productive the next day, then alcohol is that drink you need to remove from your night timeline.

It even become more beneficial if you refrain completely from taking heavy alcohol during the week.

According to a survey conducted by CCS Best Practice Hub, 25% of participants concluded that alcohol or drug have affected them at work and for 23% of them, the consumption of these things reduced their productivity.

By sobering up and avoiding alcohol, you get improved energy levels, better sleep, improved mood, and increased productivity.

Tip Number Six: Meditation Goes A Long Way

Remember from the second tip that productivity starts with a determined mind.

But with so much negatives out there, how can you ensure that your mind stays determined and immune to emotional and physical stress?

Well, that’s where meditation comes in. But how does meditation get to help with this?

Well, just view it this way… just as regular body exercises can improve your physical health so also does regular brain exercises.

Meditation allows you to exercise your brain and various studies including that of Sarah Lazar from Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital shows that mediation is a form of mental exercise that changes regions of the brain associated with stress and over-all wellbeing.

In other words, try including a 15-minute mediation session into your night routine and see how productive your day will become.

Tip Number Seven: Do One Thing That Makes You Happy

All in all, the biggest factor for a more productive day is to get your mind and brain in the right condition.

We’ve seen how sleeping early and meditating can help with this but there’s even something more you can do.

That’s all about doing something your love… something that makes you happy.

According to Psychology Today, the brain gets relaxed when you do something that stimulates happiness and this in turn results in improved cognition and productivity.

Whether it’s reading books, watching sports, or seeing a movie, just do something that make you happy before sleeping. But don’t get engrossed in it that you end up sleeping late.

And that’s it! Now you can reschedule your nights and start making your day productive.

But that’s not all… we’ve got more to come so why not thumbs visit our YouTube Channel, become a subscriber, stay notified, and share this video with friends and family.

Happy productivity.

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