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Best Food For Weight Loss

Best Food For Weight Loss – 6 Foods To Eat To Lose Weight

So, what are the best food for weight loss fast? Let’s lose weight fast…

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In today’s topic, we’ll be taking a look at those food you can eat daily to help you lose weight.

Who doesn’t fantasize about having the ideal body shape?

Belly fat, in any event, is one hell of a difficult thing to shed for the individuals who go through hours perspiring at the gym.

Likewise, stomach obesity has been connected to Alzheimer’s infection, just as other metabolic and vascular diseases which is why most people make attempts at getting it off and finding that perfect shape.

Following the correct exercise routine is what the vast majority take to be the primordial solution.

But let’s be honest.

Here and there, it seems like regardless of what you do, how controlled your exercises are, or how long you stay the gym, your body excessing body weight won’t just go away.

Between bloated mid-section and having to deal with extremely tight jeans, engaging the bulge can be something much more than a beachwear battle.

It very well can be the reason for an all-year-round frustration.

This exactly is one of those reasons you really need to lose some of those weight.

While the majority of us put forth a cognizant attempt to remain fit and healthy, we are not generally capable of reaching our shape target on time.

This might be because of the age factor, however as a rule, it is our diet that assumes a huge job.

You definitely must have realized that exercising daily can help improve your blood flow and respiratory capacities, however it may not be the sole factor that prompts the ideal body you long for.

The longing for a flat belly is a fantasy for some, and a big challenge as well.

You must be steady with your exercises and keep up healthy dietary patterns simultaneously.

Have a proper knowledge of those food you need to eat can absolutely go far in helping you accomplish your weight lose journey.

So, what are these foods that have been proven to be effective for weight loss?

Well, let’s find.


Food Number One: Broccoli

Remember those small green trees you had a huge dislike for when growing up?

Well, turns out that they are one of those foods you need to add to your diet roaster in order to shed weight daily.

Broccoli is one of those foods that are very rich in fiber but low on calories.

The presence of less calories and higher fiber in broccoli therefore makes it the right food for weight loss.

While the fiber present in broccoli will keep you filled than any regular food, it also contains other essential nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin, K, vitamin C, calcium, and potassium.

Here’s how broccoli does the weight reduction trick.

Because vitamin C and weight loss go hand-in-hand according to a publication on the Journal of Nutrition, and broccoli is very rich in vitamin C and very low in calories, it is clear that this food will not just decrease your calories consumption but also deliver the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain proper health.

By adding broccoli to your diet, you get to shed some weight in a very healthy way.

Food Number Two: Oatmeal

One of the problem people who have bloated mid-section face is the inability to properly digest their food.

Most times, these set of people feel the need to keep eating which makes it quite difficult for their digestive tract to break down the food as fast as possible.

According to the TimesofIndia, a cup of oatmeal contains up to 4 grams of fiber which helps in maintaining a strong digestive health.

People with chronic constipation issues can add oatmeal to their diet plan every morning in order to get back to normal health as quickly as possible.

But that’s not all.

A research published on the Journal of the American College of Nutrition affirms that oatmeal due to its protein and fiber content helps reduce the amount of food you take in by making you feel full all day.

This means, with oatmeal, you feel the need to eat a lot less without having to starve yourself throughout the day.

Food Number Three: Kale

Broccoli is rich in fiber and vitamins; but it’s not just broccoli that has vitamins in abundance.

A food like Kale is very high in vitamin C and it is estimated that this vegetable can provide your body with 71% of the daily vitamin C it needs.

Incredible, right?

Well, because of this level of vitamin C present in kale, it is also able to deliver the weight shedding effect that broccoli delivers.

In fact, kale is one of those foods that can help you out when trying to boost your metabolism.

According to a research published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, calcium also plays a key role in weight loss as it helps in the breaking down and absorption of fat.

And guess what? Kale is also very rich in calcium.

This means, when you consume kale in the right quantity, you get to shed fat and lose those unwanted weight.

Here is the thing you should keep in mind.

When you see leafy foods that look weird, they are mostly so just to disguise the level of benefits they hold and it is only those who are bold enough to actually try them out that get to enjoy these benefits.

Food Number Four: Grapefruit

Are you looking for a not so difficult way to get rid of that fat around your mid-section?

Then here’s the solution you’ve been anticipating.

Grapefruit is one of those foods you need to consume if you want to lose weight and get in shape.

According to a 2012 research in the Metabolism Journal, Grapefruit and weight loss are very much connected.

After running a study for six weeks, it was discovered that not only does grapefruit help eliminate weight around the waist, it also aids in spontaneous weight loss while reducing the blood pressure.

With a meal like broiled salmon with avocado grapefruit salsa, you can both the weight loss benefits of grapefruit and that of salmon.

Food Number Five: Legumes

Legumes are body building food but do you know they are also very good weight shedding food?

Well, if you don’t then now you know. Legumes are food types that allow you to lose body weight without compromising on a radiant and healthy look due to the provision of protein to your body.

According to The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, just one serving of leguminous food a day can significantly help you in elimination your body fat.

The best part about legumes is that you can switch between several choices like beans, chickpeas, lentils, and much more.

Food Number Six: Celery Juice

It’s impossible to talk about weight loss foods without giving you a weigh loss drink to step down with.

Celery juice isn’t the best when it comes to flavor and savor, however, it does have several benefits that you most definitely need.

According to a post by, it is said that Celery juice is so powerful that just 16 ounces of it every morning can help breakdown and dissolve fats stored in the liver.

But that’s not all… Celery juice is also very low in calories and can be used as a replacement with higher calories beverages.

By consuming celery juice, you also enjoy its anti-inflammatory benefits and its abundance of vitamins A, C, and K.

It’s clear now that what you eat plays a huge role in your weight loss regime.

However, this shouldn’t be a substitute for proper exercises but should be used in addition so as to get faster results.

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How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

How To Reduce Stress And Anxiety (Best 7 Tips)

So, how to reduce stress and anxiety? Let’s find out…

Have you somehow been feeling weak, tired, out of place, unbalanced, overwhelmed, and unable to cope with your environment?

Do you find yourself becoming easily moody, frustrated, agitated, and angered?

Is the overwhelming feeling causing you to lose control or feel the need to take control?

Or do you suddenly just feel lonely, depressed, worthless, and bad about yourself?

Then, you should know that you are not alone in this.

There have been several more in such situation before you and it’s all as a result of excessive stress.

Stress is the level at which we feel overwhelmed due to the presence of pressures we find ourselves unable to manage.

Stress could be due to intense work, it could be due to the continuous render of care to an adult or a disabled person, it could be due to emotional circumstances, traumatic events, or just any other exhaustive reasons.

Either way, stress is bad and it is better to suppress it before it slowly draws away from the life out of you. But, how do you achieve this suppression?

Well, welcome to Thriven Authority and in today’s topic, we’ll be enlightening you on some scientifically proven tips to help you deal with stress and totally reduce it.

Now, let’s get started.


Tip Number One: Walk It Off In A Natural Environment

Have you every wondered the rate at which the world’s population is increasing?

It’s really rapid and with this increase in population comes increase in colonization of space.

So many people want to access modern facilities and this has cause over 50 percent of people to be living in urban locations.

According to a Stanford University research, this number is expected to increase by 20% by the year 2050.

Urban spaces are coagulated and research says that much more instances of mental illness will be created due to urbanization.

This means, for you to help yourself reduce stress, you need to get outside of your urban space into more natural environments.

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science affirms even further that going on a 90-minute walk through natural environments can lead to the lesser occurrence of repeated negative thoughts.

By setting aside time for walking in natural environments, you easily ward off stress, become more mindful, and assume more positivity.

Tip Number Two: Make The Gym A Comfort Zone

At the mention of the word “gym”, many individuals are already drowning in fear.

It is natural to be afraid of the gym and going there involves executing intensive exercise routines that are not exactly easy to carry out.

However, you should also know that exercising is necessary and going to the gym can help you carry out your fitness routines even better.

But what does exercise have to do with stress?

Well, a research conducted by researchers from the University of Maryland School of Public Health showed that exercise allows individuals to manage stressful situations in better ways.

Though exercise itself involves performing energy-consuming movements, it acts as a barrier against the negative effects of emotional experiences.

This means, by incorporating the habit of hitting the gym regularly, you get lower your overall anxiety in the short-term and essentially become better at maintaining and managing, in the long-term, that reduced anxiety when faced with other emotional events.

Tip Number Three: Try Getting Regular Massages

When was the last time you experienced a soft touch down your back?

Days, weeks, months, or years? Whatever the answer for you may be, you should know that getting a massage is essential and staying regular with it can really go a long way.

While most people still consider massages as a luxury experience, a scientific study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine has shown that it is beyond that.

This study showed that just 45-minutes to an hour of a relaxation massage can lower the heart rate by more than 10 beats per minute, promote the flow of sleep hormone, and lower the blood pressure.

In the long run, it will reduce anxiety and keep the stress hormone levels at bay.

Tip Number Four: Relax And Take A Deep Breath

If you have been following from the beginning, then you must know that some of the symptoms of stress is agitation, frustration, and the inability to keep one’s mind quiet.

The way the body responds to stress is either through fight or flight. It’s either it keeps racing or it pushes forward frustration.

Fortunately, dealing with this is as easy as taking a deep breath. It looks simple but according to Harvard Medical School, breathing alone is enough to control these stress responses.

The control we have over our breathing when we take a deep breath allows the mind to feel very much better and calm.

Once a while, close your eyes, deeply inhale through your nose, and focus on relaxing.

Tip Number Five: Listen To Calming Music

Be conscious of the word “calming” because not all music is good enough for this stress relieving procedure.

According to a study from the European Journal of Internal Medicine, special kinds of music, when listened to, can deliver an unbelievable level of stress-reducing effects on people.

The science behind the effect of music on stress has to do with the functioning of the nervous system which makes music even one of the tools used in the therapeutic treatment of certain diseases.

By listening to calming musical melodies your mind becomes calm, depression gets eliminated, and stress becomes suppressed.

Tip Number Six: Don’t Be A Perfectionist

If you were given the opportunity to be able to execute actions with exceptional accuracy and no mistakes won’t you jump on it?

Of course, you will. It sucks having to get things wrong and then go over doing it again.

But, as humans, mistakes are a part of us and we will always lack at becoming perfect.

This means, when you force yourself to aim for perfection, you define unrealistic goals for yourself and feel worthless when you can’t achieve them.

In fact, a study from Canada’s University of York shows that this feeling of worthlessness can lead to the possibility of suicide.

A worthless feeling is a stress response and by eliminating perfectionism, you can break yourself off the crushing cycle.

Rather than be a perfectionist, simply focus on excellence.

Tip Number Seven: Don’t Forget To Laugh

Have you notice something about problems?

They never have an ending as the end of one is the beginning of another. This is the cycle of life.

So, rather than drown in the choking thoughts of the problems, why not try laughing it off sometimes.

According to Mayo Clinic, an American academic medical center, a good laugh has some remarkable short-term effects on the overall body system.

It stimulates heart, lungs, and brain. It also helps in relieving pain, mood, and depression.

Overall, laughing once a while will help you reduce stress and feel more positive about life.

What more? Well, start applying these tips as quickly as possible and let’s know about your experience in the comments.

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How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle

How To Start A Healthy Lifestyle (7 Tips To Get Healthy)

So, How to start a healthy lifestyle? Let’s find out…

You want to live a beautiful life?

You know, maybe as a lady, look good, stay in shape and be happy, or as a man, muscle up, stay healthy, and live longer.

Either way is good but have you thought about how you are going to achieve this?

Living a beautiful life is embodied in better living.

By living a beautiful life, you stand a chance of becoming the best version of yourself both physically and emotionally.

However, there are several requirements necessary to be met to achieve this beautiful life everyone so much desire.

Most people sometimes get the requirements confused and mostly conclude that a healthy life is mostly determined by genetics.

Unfortunately, this assumption is completely false and increased interest in bio-hacking and life extension over the past few years have come to show that genes have some little to do with the concept of healthy life and that environmental factors like the lifestyle we exhibit, the diet we follow, the people we relate with, and so much more are the pivoting part of a beautiful life.

Now that you know that a beautiful life requires a healthy lifestyle. Well, why not let’s find out more..

Welcome back to Thriven Authority and today’s topic will touch on science and research proven tips that can help you live a healthy life.

Let’s get started.


Tip Number One: Cut Down On Your Food Intake

Food is good; at least, we know it as the substance that makes us grow.

But food, when taken in too much quantities, can become the enemy of one’s growth.

When you breach the limit and decide to overeat, your stomach notices the change and tries to adapt to it.

This adaptation causes it to expand beyond its normal size while pushing organs and causing uncomfortable reactions in your body.

But that’s even a little of the damages.

Overeating results in the overworking of your organs and can even lead to heartburn due to the continuous formation of hydrochloric acid.

To live a healthy lifestyle and to enjoy a beautiful life, you need to cut down on the amount of food you take in.

Several studies published on PubMed Central show that low calorie intake can lead to an extended lifespan with lesser possibility of diseases.

By cutting down on your food, you will also be helping yourself reduce excess weight and unwanted body fat.

Tip Number Two: Tempting But Don’t Drink Sugar

There is not denying the obvious, you are a big fan of sugar and sugar-containing foods but if you want to prioritize your health over any other, then you should reconsider your take on sugar.

Of course, you might be wondering, “how can a powdery substance like sugar be something so bad that will affect my health” Well, here’s why.

Sugar is a substance that contributes majorly to the increase of body calories and weight gain.

Sugar from sweetened drinks like sodas, sweet teas, and juices contains fructose which according to a 2013 research causes your body to resist leptin, your appetite to increase, and eventually, your body weight.

This overweightness then leads to the risk of heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, and much more.

Buy avoiding the continuous temptation of taking sugar or sugar-containing foods, you gradually reduce your chances of depression, cancer, or any other deadly disease that can hurt your life.

Tip Number Three: Start Eating More Nuts

Yea, you heard it right. If you have somehow had an unfortunate event of trying out bad nuts for the first time and now really hate them, then you need to change your nuts relationship status in order to live a healthy life.

The real truth is… nuts are awesome in taste, they can either be roasted or take raw and they are like packets of glazing goodies.

Several things can be done with nuts but their best benefits come when they are used as antioxidants and a source for protein and fiber.

According to a 2010 research by Emilio Ros, it was discovered that nuts are great for limiting heart diseases, reducing inflammation and high blood pressure, and for dealing with metabolic syndrome.

When you make it your habit to consume at least 3 servings of nuts per week, then a joint 2013 research says that you will have a 39% lower risk of premature death.

Tip Number Four: Walk Away From Smoking

Whether you are already a regular cigarette or weed smoker or an individual who is ruminating on giving it a try, you should know that this act, which might seem like fun at the moment, is very much linked with diseases and early deaths.

To live a beautiful life, your healthy lifestyle needs to include you walking away from all act of smoking.

According to a 2013 study funded by Cancer Research UK and the Medical Research Council, it was evaluated that smokers lose over 9 years of their lifespan and are 3 times more prone to premature death.

You can quit smoking at anytime and according to a 2002 study, doing so as early as your thirties will help you increase your lifespan by up to 8.5 years.

But there’s more. You also decrease your risk of sexual dysfunction, ulcer, cancer, kidney disease, and much more.

Tip Number Five: Control Your Alcohol Consumption

If you’ve somehow taking a few minutes to observe the pattern, then you must have realized that it is those things we cherish the most the end up causing much damages to our health.

But fortunately, this is only when we consume them in too much quantities and the same goes for alcohol.

Too much alcohol is bad for the body and a 2013 research by Rajesh and Vincent has shown that the heavy consumption of this liquid can lead to heart, liver, and pancreatic diseases without leaving out premature death.

It is better not to consume alcohol at all but if you must, then you should regulate your consumption as research on lower consumption has shown that there is a 17% decrease in the risk of early death and a reduction in the possibility of diseases.

No research strongly supports the moderate drinking of alcohol and you might want to consider wine as a fall back option.

Tip Number Six: Avoid Consuming Processed Junk Food

If there’s one reason the earth keeps getting fatter and sicker, then it’s because, we the inhabitants have tricked ourselves into consuming every possible processed junk food.

According to a 2011 study by a team of researchers, the problem with processed junk foods is that they have been designed to be very satisfying so much that they trick the brain into taking more than needed and possibly leading to addiction.

Unfortunately, they are low in necessary nutrients and only contain substances that put you at the risk of obesity and digestive issues.

By avoiding processed junk food, you get to escape the risk of depression, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, and possibly, early death.

Tip Number Seven: Maintain A Healthy Social Circle

Don’t be surprised but if you will really love to live a healthy lifestyle and have a beautiful life, then you need to maintain a healthy social circle.

Have a group of friends or family members that you go out often with.

Several studies have confirmed that having a good social connection can help reduce stress hormone, improve sleep, improve immune function, and lessen systemic inflammation.

But that’s not all.

A 2010 study even affirmed that the chances of dying due loneliness is like that of smoking, it is just so high.

This means, when you maintain a healthy social circle, your life becomes completely awesome and your chances of early death become drastically lowered.

And that sums it for today. Which of these tips are you planning on implementing? Of course, it’s best to implement all.

So, why not try them all out and let’s know of your experience in the comments.

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How To Deal With Anxiety

How To Deal With Anxiety (7 Best Tips)

So, how to deal with anxiety?

I don’t even think I can pass the examination, how am I going to pay the loan?

Is it even possible to overcome the work stress?

How am I going to face the big crowd for my upcoming presentation?

My health condition has worsened in the past few days, I don’t even think I can survive it.

Are these the thoughts that run through your mind that build up anxiety in you that you begin to tremble and shake?

Of course, who doesn’t experience anxiety?

Anxiety is a common natural reaction to life events and everyone has different events that trigger anxiety in them.

Whether it started from childhood or you grew up being an anxious adult this isn’t something you have to keep living with.

But how do you deal with it? How do eliminate it? Well, let’s find out.

Welcome to Thriven Authority and in today’s topic, we’ll be covering some proven tips that’ll help you deal with day-to-day anxiety and prevent it from interfering with your daily activities.

Are you already eager to know these tips?

let’s get started.


Tip Number One: Take A Deep Breath

Most people aren’t aware of how they breathe.

Breathing is a prerequisite to life and it is involuntary.

Different breathing techniques can be used to combat anxiety or panic attacks.

When you feel anxious, the idea of taking a deep breath helps relieve the body of stress and calm the situation.

This is because deep breathing helps increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which is responsible for stimulating parasympathetic nerves and in turn increase body calmness.

Psychological studies done in 2015 have proved breathing practices as an effective method for the reduction of anxiety and stress.

And up till now, breathing practices are generally used in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental conditions.

So, anytime you experience anxiety, try focused deep breathing in and out for 4 counts for up to 5 minutes.

By practicing deep breathing, you get to increase the release of endorphins, the feel-good chemical, relieve the body of pain, reduce blood pressure, and also helps in digestion.   

Tip Number Two: Limit Drinking Of Alcohol And Caffeine

This leads us to question how alcohol and caffeine affect anxiety?

Remember caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that gives a jittery effect to the brain.

Well, alcohol is of no difference, it changes the level of neurotransmitters in the brain like serotonin.

Both alcohol and caffeine worsen anxiety when they are not moderately taken.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it was discovered that about 7 percent of American suffers from alcohol-induced anxiety and its symptoms can last for several hours even up to a whole day.

Similarly, over-consumption of caffeine in the body triggers the release of adrenaline and when the effects get strong, it leads to caffeine-induced anxiety.

Also, research shows that addicted heavy drinkers are susceptible to anxiety disorder.

So, cutting back caffeine and alcohol or moderate consumption is the best way to reduce anxiety and panic attacks.  

Tip Number Three: Listen To Free Calming Music And Audio Guides

Music helps relax the body of stress when things get worked up at school, work, or in your personal life.

There are a series of audio guides and music that can help cope with life difficulties and also take control of anxiety.

But what’s the science behind this?

According to a study done by Dr. Davis Lewis of Mindlab International discovered that music helps in reducing stress and anxiety levels up to 65%.

The study shows that most tracks induced a feeling of calm in the listeners and also reduce the heart rates.

The study volunteers were played different songs by the Doctor, surprisingly a song help lowered the volunteer anxiety level by up 65%.

The simple trick behind this is that music serves as a distraction to psychological responses like anxiety.

This means if you listen to calming music and audio podcast, you feel more optimistic, your body and mind become relaxed, you experienced improved working performance, elevated mood and you tend to be more productive.

Tip Number Four: Go On A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is very important that when talking about ways to deal with anxiety, we make mention the most effective method of challenging our anxiety.

Do you have the desire of taking control over your anxiety, fears, and negative thoughts that aren’t even real?

There’s a chance you have adopted one of these tips before but have you ever treated your anxiety disorder with therapy?

The cognitive-behavioral disorder is a psychotherapeutic treatment of anxiety disorders that address all forms of negative patterns in thoughts, panic disorder, obsessive thoughts.

Research has shown CBT to be the most effective treatment for generalized anxiety disorders, depressions, and other conditions.

The concept of this therapy helps you to learn how to relax, helps develop an improved way of challenging problems, and how to react to a situation that causes anxiety.

Tip Number Five: Exercise Daily

When we feel anxious or depressed the last thing that comes to our mind, the last thing that comes across our mind is exercise.

Well, I want to tell you that activities like walking, running, swimming, and other natural exercises play a major role in reducing anxiety.

Exercise is one of the best natural antianxiety treatments that show both psychological and physical benefits in improving mood and reducing anxiety.

Studies also show that patients who involve themselves in physical exercises regularly reported about 20% percent in anxiety reduction compared to those who didn’t.

Most people find this hard to do but, when we are experiencing stressful situations, physical activities can make a big difference.

This is because the brain can focus on two things simultaneously, making it easy to take your mind off those things that trigger anxiety.                  

Tip Number Six: Get Enough Sleep

According to the new study done by researchers, sleep deprivation can cause anxiety to rise to 30% over a sleepless night.

It is of importance to know the connection between Sleep and Anxiety and how they affect physical and emotional wellness.

Since both have a causal relation to the brain, insufficient sleep can worsen anxiety.

Irrespective of the anxiety disorder, sleep is considered a natural anxiety reliever.

Deep sleep helps the body to completely shut down and repair themselves of all cellular activities and also helps restore the brain’s ability to regulate emotions, reducing physiological activities, and preventing anxiety from shooting up.

So, if you detect symptoms of anxiety, it is advisable to get enough sleep.            

Tip Number Seven: Take Anxiety Medications

Sometimes, we need a different perspective to deal with anxiety in which medication is inclusive.

Statistics have revealed that one out of 6 Americans is on anxiety medications.

There is a variety of medications that can help alleviate symptoms of general anxiety disorders like benzodiazepines and SSRO antidepressants.

Medications are not exactly a cure but when you’re overwhelmed with panic or anxiety or you’re having a sleepless night, medication may help.

It is important to use a doctor’s or specialist description to reduce the side effects.

So, are you already thinking of something you can start to deal with your anxiety?

Well, then congratulations!

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How to Stay Healthy and Fit Everyday

How to Stay Healthy and Fit Everyday (7 Easy Steps)

So, How to stay healthy and fit everyday?

Have you been feeling quite over-weighted lately?

Do you think you’re getting buff and need to tone it down?

Or is your personal laziness or busy schedule causing you to miss your routines at the gym and you’re looking for a much easier way to stay healthy and fit?

If you happen to fit into any of these situations then you are at the right place because here at Thriven Authority, we’ve got just the right solution for you.

Working out is beneficial for you but maintaining the routines can also be hard.

However, caring for your fitness shouldn’t be hard or entangled.

There are in actuality, health and fitness practices that are basic, straight-forward, requires no equipment, and can be done anywhere and whenever and surprisingly, even from home.

So, are you ready to know how to stay healthy and fit every day?


let’s proceed.

Tip Number One: Drink A Lot of Water

Water is one of the most plentiful and essential of compounds that are naturally occurring in nature.

It’s ability to dissolve just about anything gives make it an important part of everyday life.

Water plays very important roles in keeping the human body healthy.

This fluid helps in several processes including digestion, circulation, absorption, temperature regulation, nutrient transportation, and saliva formation.

When it comes to fitness, you just might be surprised by how much improvements a bottle of water can do to your body.

In a 2014 study, 50 overweight females who drank 500 mil of water 30 minutes before food experienced a reduction in body weight, fat, and mass.

Being dehydrated makes the body hold on to water, which in turn, leads you to holdup extra pounds around your midsection and build up fat.

To stay healthy and fit, begin your day with a glass of warm water and focus on takin in at least eight cups of water daily.

Tip Number Two: Go To Be Timely and Get Enough Sleep

Going to be early and getting enough sleep sounds like a bad fitness routine but it actually does the trick.

The body produces two hormones that affects your body weight… these hormones are Ghrelin for appetite stimulation and Leptin for energy regulation.

Ever wondered why you keep feeling hungry when you don’t sleep early at night? It’s because when you don’t get enough sleep, your leptin level decreases and your Ghrelin increases.

This means getting under the spreads a little sooner doesn’t just assist you with maintaining a strategic distance from late-evening eating, it also helps in boosting your metabolism.

As indicated by an examination performed by some college researchers at King’s College, London, individuals deprived of sleep consumed at an average, 385 kilocalories extra each day, which is proportional to the calories of around four and a half slices of bread.

Continuous sleep deprivation is unhealthy for you and will lead to more calorie intake and more weight gain.

So, if you want to stay healthy and fit, then pass in an eight hour of sleep into your daily plan.

Tip Number Three: Go For A Jog Every Morning

Without any doubt, one of the best ways to achieve your fitness goals is by jogging.

You can jog in the afternoon, jog in the evening, or go jogging when you wake up.

But to get an overall better effect, you should try jogging when you wake up.

When you get up from bed, your body is currently still at a weak state and will require sun energy and food to get stronger.

This means a little exercise on your body will cause a great effect in breaking down several muscle fibers.

Early morning jogging also helps in keeping your heart safe and improving its functionality.

According to Dr. DeLucia from Bronson Health, those who star running on a regular basis decrease their risk for heart disease by 35 to 55 percent.

This is because jogging is an activity that improves cardiovascular health and helps prevent obesity thereby protecting your heart from possible diseases like atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease.

Including a short 30 minutes jogging session in your early morning routine will therefore be a good way of staying healthy and fit.

Tip Number Four: Try Going For A Walk Session

Are you someone that walks daily to work or school?

Well, as bad as you might think it is, your walking routine actually has a plus to it.

Walking deliver a lot of benefits to your body, some of which includes the burning of calories, the strengthening of your heart, the easing of joint pains, the boosting of the immune function, the burning of body fat, the extension of life span, and even improvement of mental health and amplification of mood.

But there is even more. Walking can help you stay healthy by reducing your blood sugar levels.

A small study made in 2013 found out that taking a simple 15-minute walk about three times each day after food improved the blood sugar levels of the body.

For an overall benefit, simply try to take from 15 to 30-minute walk after every meal.

Tip Number Five: Make Healthy Food Choices

Food play a very important role in the grooming of the body. What you take in affects the entirety of your body and if not properly monitored, might be the keep to your fitness downfall.

Breakfast is very important and according to an article from Harvard Health Letter, regularly eating breakfast can lower your risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

You should ensure to pack proteins into your snacks and meals. Proteins are body building foods and are needed to keep your body growing, maintained, and repaired.

You should also ensure to consume fruits and vegetables as they are rich in natural fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

By making healthy food choices, you will fuel your exercise performance which will in turn, improve your overall health and fitness.

Tip Number Six: Ensure To Visit The Gym Weekly

Drinking water, jogging, running, sleeping well, eating well and all will definitely help you stay healthy and fit but they are just the building blocks and there’s just a little they can do.

To boost the outcome of every routine you engage in daily, it is important that you go to the gym to perform physical exercises that will push your body to its limit.

By performing physical exercise, you get to reduce stress, increase your energy levels, alleviate anxiety, and increase relaxation.

A study made in 2019 even positions the fact that a tough workout can help increase levels of brain-derived protein called BDNF which can lead to better thinking and decision making.

Going to the gym doesn’t necessarily need you to register at a standard gym, if you can afford it, then do that but if you can’t, then going to a workout field or calisthenics park near you is more than enough.

Tip Number Seven: Ensure To Avoid Stress

Unfortunately, you could be very consistent with your physical exercises and health routines but still not see any results.

This is simply because stress and physical activities are reciprocally related.

A publication from research made in 2014 shows that stress can have differential impacts on exercise adoption, relapse, and maintenance.

It has a very negative effect on muscle control and can even lead to the occurrence of injury during workout routines.

Stress can also tension the muscles therefore leading to a slow recovery and repair of the body tissues.

Overall, stress will impede not just your body but your mind. To avoid stress, try practicing different meditation and relaxation techniques.

Getting fit and staying healthy go hand in hand and if you incorporate every of our tips into your daily schedule you definitely will begin to see changes in your overall body system.

So, if you’ve found this video enlightening and will to see more of our life helping tips then make sure you check our other articles, subscribe to the YouTube Channel, and we’ll see you in the next one.

How To Wake Up Early In The Morning

How To Wake Up Early In The Morning Everyday (7 Proven Tips)

Hey, Are you still a late riser? Want to know how to wake up early in the morning everyday?

Or you have tried a different method to wake up early, but it all proved abortive?

Welcome to the right place where you find a solution to your problem.

In today’s topic, we will be addressing the absolute tips on how to sleep and wake up early every day.

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So, let’s get started.

Tip Number One: Always Sleep Earlier and Get Enough Sleep

You must be familiar with the common saying “Early to bed, early to rise”.

The saying is absolutely true and trustworthy.

If you’re someone who likes to get involved with chores in the late hours like sorting emails and interacting with our mobile phones or maybe you are the kind that loves watching TV at night.

This habit makes it difficult to accomplish waking up early.

The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) says that peoples that are short sleepers and sleep less than 7 hours are prone to obesity, physical inactivity, and generally susceptible to all forms of health risks.

So, to achieve waking up early, short sleeping must be avoided by always sleeping earlier than before.

Early sleeping is powerful and presents innumerable benefits like better sleep quality, improves memory, controls weight, generates more energy, and reduces anxiety and depression.

So, if you want to wake up early, always sleep early to prevent sleep deprivation.

Tip Number Two: Give Yourself An Exciting Reason to Wake Up

Have you ever considered the influence of plans for the morning on your sleeping cycle?

Changes in the morning routine help to get rid of morning grogginess.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke research found that the brain is the center responsible for sleep and arousal.

If your early morning routine is to do exercise, but you don’t like exercising your body in the morning.

Changing your plan to something you are interested in or you love to do will prevent waking reluctance and get you off bed easily.

You can easily do this by making a list of things you love to do and coming up with a plan of doing any before you go to sleep.   

Tip Number Three: Distance Your Alarm Clock Away From The Bed

Even after setting dozens of alarms, you still find yourself snoozing it all and eventually waking up late. 

A study conducted by French tech firm Withing shows that 76% of Americans wake up in the morning from the sound of an alarm and more than 57% admits to hitting the snooze button at least once.

The roles of alarm are countless; for regulating sleep patterns, helps in waking up from a quick nap, preventing oversleeping, providing peace of mind as suggested by a psychotherapist and founder of Sleep Easily.

To avoid snoozing every time, if the alarm is placed far from the hand reach, this will prompt getting up to shut off the annoying sound thus reach the goal of waking up.

Tip Number Four: Do Not Make Sudden Changes In The Sleep Cycle

So, you always wake up by 8 a.m., but you’ve tried to wake up at 5 a.m. and this was possible once and after that day, you found yourself waking up late again every day.

Now, you’re wondering what the problem might be. What if you try waking up 10 minutes or 30 minutes earlier?

Yes, all it takes is just to make the little by little changes and not run after the drastic logic of waking up three hours earlier.

As indicated by a conclusion drawn from Watson and Crick’s work that says small wins or everyday progress is all needed to make a difference.

It also stated that the power of progress is essential to human nature.

Slow changes will assist the body in waking up naturally, it will allow you to easily stick to the routine, It allows you to quickly reach the main goal time, and it makes you feel comfortable while changing your waking up time.

Tip Number Five: Scheduling Appointments to Wake Up On Time

Using peer pressure is an effective method of waking up early.

Setting up appointments with early risers or other people act as a powerful force that compels one to unavoidably wake up early.

For example, setting a meeting with one of your colleagues or having a coffee meeting with one of your employees.

According to a national online questionnaire-based survey study that was done on the impact of COVID-19 lockdown on sleep-wake schedule, it was confirmed that sleep onset and waking time was delayed in both genders due to the lock down and social distancing.

The benefits of this tip are limitless because You will be motivated to get off the bed, you wouldn’t like to disappoint, a chance to speak with the person will be an advantage, and a self-willed waking up is healthier and prone to consistency.

So, find yourself, someone, to hang out with, and you will notice yourself waking up earlier than usual. It has amazingly worked.

Tip Number Six: Take Advantage Of The Morning Light Exposure

Exposure to early morning sunshine is a natural way of waking up behind those dark rooms.

Neuroscientists have found that there are sensitive eye cells that absorb light to set the circadian clock putting the body on a total wake mode.

A study conducted in 2019 also proved that exposure to sunlight helps the body get full alertness and less depression by regulating the release of melatonin, a hormone responsible for inducing sleep at night.

When the body is exposed to morning sunlight, the brain also produces wake-assisting adrenalin which makes people feel good and this reduces the struggle of getting off the spreads.

Continuous morning exposure to sunlight will lead to Improved everyday mood, Helps increase productivity, you feel less depressed or stressed, leads to better sleep and a healthier sleeping cycle.

Tip Number Seven: Track Your Progress

While you are getting used to this new morning routine, accountability is another reasonable way to get more.

Tracking your progress gives you the insight of getting a step closer to the goal each day and also reminds you of the necessity to keep chasing the goal.

A non-intense but effective way of tracking one’s progress is marking the calendar with the marker every day we wake up early.

After marking the calendar, you’ll feel fulfilled and this creates a sense of consistency.

This habit of tracking progress helps you stay focus, helps identify every drawback, and how to overcome them, it will keep you motivated till the end of the goal, it will make you a successful timekeeper.

Follow these tips that we have discussed in detail that will help you out for better and longer sleep at night.

Don’t forget to let us know about your progress in the comment below and check our YouTube Channel to watch more updated life-assisting tips.

How To Fall Asleep Fast

How to Fall Asleep Fast (Within 5 Minutes or Less)

Hey, are you someone who struggles with sleeping?

Or you find it hard to fall asleep lying in bed all day long?

Of course, we all have that friend that falls asleep in 2 seconds, but you keep wondering how this is even possible.

Have you tried sleeping fast naturally using different ways but still ended up spending hours before you could sleep?

What if we told you that there are multiple ways you can utilize to become like your friend who falls asleep in the twinkle of an eye? And that’s what we will be discussing.

Welcome to Thriven Authority and in today’s article, we’ll be addressing some valid tips on how to fall asleep fast.

Just like you, I was also experiencing quite a difficulty sleeping fast. I tried to go to be early but the sleep just wouldn’t come.

Of course, I get to sleep eventually but sadly, that’s only when it’s a few hours to day break. I needed a way to fix this and fortunately, I found a few tips that worked for me.


Wondering what these tips are?

So, keep reading the article and watch our video on this topic below to find out the solution to this problem.

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So, let’s begin.

Tip Number One: Read a Book

Reading is one of the most popular methods of falling asleep.

We all go through day-to-day activities like surfing, texting, emailing, browsing but it’s rare to find someone reading a book.

Fortunately, reading a book is a way of relaxing the body and mind and helps relieve stress.

According to a study conducted in 2009, that shows that reading for up to 6 minutes reduces stress by 68%, and also great for emptying the mind.

Since, reading can be enjoyable, blending it into a sleeping time routine can help fall asleep quicker.

To sleep faster by reading, you just need to become a late hour reader.

The potential advantages of reading a book are that it helps reduces insomnia, enjoys a good quality sleep, prevents anxiety, and finally helps to fall asleep swiftly.            


Tip Number Two: Avoid Drinking Caffeine

Caffeine is a sleep inhibitor.

It is a natural stimulant derived from plants like tea leaves and coffee beans.

It helps promote mind and body alertness.

One of the easiest tips to fall asleep fast is to avoid the consumption of caffeine.

It acts as an adenosine receptor antagonist that prevents the flow of sleepiness.

Statistics have proven that about 92% of students have consumed caffeine daily in the past year and also showed that 85% of the US population consumes caffeine daily.

To avoid struggling in bed to sleep, consumption of caffeine must be avoided 4 hours before sleep time or preferably in the late afternoon.

The effects of caffeine can so strong that it takes effects that can last up to 5 hours in the body making it hard to sleep.

When you avoid caffeine consumption, you allow the adenosine to produce graded sleepy effects, a moderated heart rate that leads to stress reduction, helps prevent muscle tremors, and all other cardiovascular diseases.


Tip Number Three: Avoid Using Mobile Phone At Night

Mobile phones have always been of greater importance in our day-to-day life and have brought numerous conveniences into our daily tasks allowing us to have unlimited access to information globally.

But also screen usage time has been recorded to be of negative effect on sleep quality.

You shouldn’t be too surprised to hear about nomophobia, the addiction to mobile phone usage.

A study has shown that mobile phone screen usage before bedtime has caused a lot of poor sleep quality and worldwide. The blue light leads to a reduction in the production of the hormone responsible for controlling the sleep-wake cycle leading to arousal during bedtime.

So, to fall asleep easily it is advisable to by all means avoid mobile phones before going to sleep.

Start by attending to all texts and emails in the daytime, this will make the job easier.         


Tip Number Four: Listen to Cool Music

Whether you are someone who loves to listen to music or you are not really a music person, then you should consider listening to streams of comforting music if you are the kind that finds it hard to fall asleep.

Music is a great way to easily relieving the body of stress both daytime and bedtime and also improving sleep quality.

The idea of using music as a sleep inducer is a way of clearing the mind, more importantly of anxiety that can keep the body awake.

According to an online survey conducted, 62% of the general population confirmed using music at least once to sleep faster and better.

Well, all you have to do is add your favorite relaxing music to your evening routine, put your body in a well-relaxed mode, and enjoy the music as it carries you to the sleeping realm.

Do keep in mind that to achieve this, tremendously soothing music is preferable for reducing the time it takes to fall asleep especially slow and quiet music.

The best part is that it helps lower the blood pressure, reduces levels of stress hormones, helps facilitate better sleep quality, and also combats against insomnia.


Tip Number Five: Turn Off The Lights

If you still want to join the group of those who fall asleep easily, avoiding screen time and mobile devices is not enough, you have to avoid keeping the light on, ensuring the room is dark and conducive for sleeping.

Research has proven that exposure to lights in the room at night also affects the release of the melatonin hormone that controls the sleep-wake rhythm and cycle and also in 2017, artificial light at night was recognized as a health hazard risk to people who leave the light on during sleeping hours by the World Health Organization.

Most people find it almost impossible to sleep with the lights on, so turn out the light, turn down your window blind and turn off any light sources in your room that might keep you from sleeping faster.

Apart from falling asleep easily, turning out the lights helps the sleep to repair your brain and body, fight against illness and psychological risks, avoid heart diseases and reduce high blood pressure, depression and moodiness.    


Tip Number Six: Choose A Comfortable Sleeping Position

After trying different methods of sleeping easily that has actually proved to be ineffectual.

Have you ever considered the effect your sleeping position has on your sleeping time?

Then the question comes in, what direction is bad for sleeping, and which position is best for sleeping?

To fall asleep easily many people, depending on different sleeping posture that they believe works for them.

There are a lot of healthy sleeping positions that are recommendable and help to relax the body making it easy to fall asleep.

So, if you find a particular position uncomfortable or hard to get sleepy you can try a different method of sleeping position and see ones that make you sleepy or you can consult your doctor for the best sleeping positions to fall asleep easily.


Tip Number Seven: Establish A Constant Sleeping Pattern

Creating an irregular sleep pattern can lead to consequences on sleep-wake timing and also disrupt the body’s rhythm cycle which is responsible for controlling when the body is set for sleeping or not.

Changes in sleeping pattern is a common thing we all carry out, but one of its negative effects is struggle to sleep in bed.

Scientists have discovered that irregular sleeping pattern is the major risk to health problems like emotional distress, high blood pressure, mood disorder and there is an increase of up to 27% for every daily sleep pattern fluctuation.

So, creating a consistent sleeping pattern will help you out to sleep faster during bedtime.

So, are you already thinking of picking some of the tips to help you fall asleep faster?

Well, then congratulations!

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How to Sleep Better at Night & Wake Up Early

How to Sleep Better at Night & Wake Early (7 Proven Tips)

Are you facing sleeping problems? Then you are in right place to find a solution.

Because in today’s article we are discussing about “How to Sleep Better at Night & Wake Up Early”.

So, keep reading the article and watch our video on this topic below to find out the solution to this problem.

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So, let’s get started

Tip #1 Switched Off or Silent Your Smartphone

why you should not use your phone before bed

We all love to intact with our smartphones, tablets all the time. And it is pretty handy to do all dealings from messaging to business emails even in the late hours of the night.

But if we see its opposite side this is the big reason for our disturbed sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation says that you should stop engaging with electronic gadgets, like your tablet, smartphone, at least 30 minutes before sleep time. Even, smartphone designers suggest that cellphone light in the night is bad for the eyes and disrupts your sleep cycle by disrupting melatonin.

The benefits of switching off or muting your smartphone at night are unlimited.

But let’s just underline some, you’ll get a night of better sleep and wake up happily in the morning.

Better sleep helps you to do your work quickly and smartly. You feel fresh all day.

Tip #2 Eat Healthy Food

Foods that help you sleep through the night

Eating, Sleeping, and working. This is the basic life cycle of human beings.

If we eat healthily then we can do work and sleep in a better way.

So, eating healthy is a really important part of our lives.

Science and Nutritions research say that Healthy eating beneficial for weight loss, strong bones, better heart & stroke prevention, reduce cancer problems, diabetes controlling, good mood, healthy living, and increase sleeping attention.

Use oil-free food. Drink smoothies, fresh juices instead of cold drinks.

Eat dray fruits like almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, etc. Use green vegetables, seeds, eggs, and meat in your food.

Advantages of the right intake help in a better mood and relaxing sleeping.

Tip #3 Do Workout Daily

Mini workout before bed

Daily working out is the key to a healthier lifestyle.

The national average People’s estimation for doing regular exercise is 51.6% of the total population. A quarter of the population doesn’t do exercise that causes many health diseases and weight gain.

Early research shows that daily workout minimizes sleep problems and insomnia in patients. If we all try and increase the rate of exercise from 51.6% to nearly even 90%. We can all live long healthily and happily.

There are a few most important exercises that we should all do even for 15-20 minutes like running, body stretching, push-ups, sit-ups.

As result, we can achieve better health, longer life, an active and illness-free body, long and better sleep.

Tip #4 Use Dim Light At Night

best sleep lights

Using bright lights during the night directly affects on brain and eyes that cause a bad mood, eye irritation, and sleepless night.

The national study found that using bright lights during the night can straightly change the mood and cognitive skills.

The researchers say that dim light in the night sends signals to your brain that bring on your sleep and disruption in the body’s circadian rhythms.

Sleeping in low light would make your sleep peaceful and calm. Good sleep will make your mood and day better.

Tip #5 Make Your Bedroom Airy and Comfortable

Bedroom environment for good sleep

Keep your bedroom neat, clean, and airy.

Studies found that the ideal temp for undisrupted sleep is from 60 to 67 degrees.

The rough and tight bedroom makes you exhausted and irritated.

You’ll not have a better and longer sleep if your bedroom is upside down.

Better is to make your bedroom place comfortable and organized.

Seeing an organized place makes your mood better and encourages you to sleep better.

Airy bedrooms help you to breathe easily while sleeping.

You’ll fall asleep fast in a peaceful, friendly, and comfortable bedroom.

Tip #6 Avoid Taking Drinks Before Sleeping

How long to stop drinking before bed

The excess of drinking at night disrupts the sleeping periods.

Sleepless nights have an impact on your mental and physical health.

That affects your daily life and have an impact on decision making skill.

Research says that sleepers who take large amounts of fluids before sleeping are often prone to delayed sleep onset, meaning they need more time to fall asleep.

Drink all day as much as you need to be hydrated but reduce the drinking amount at night.

Drinking less amount of fluids at night will not disrupt your sleep cycle. You’ll get proper sleep at night and wake freshly in the morning.

Tip #7 Make Your Daily To-Do List
Good sleep habits

We understand everyone does not like to make and follow a schedule person.

But if we look at its positive side, this is the best thing to manage our work and personal engagements in daily life.

And if we do not follow, then this gives us a bad impact on our day-to-day life. Research shows that every successful person has this habit in his life.

The routine gives you a more clear view of your full-day work plans.

You’ll get time for yourself that you may spend to do exercise or for self-care. This will help you to sleep early and wake early…

Follow these tips that we have discussed in detail will help you out for better and longer sleep at night.

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