How to be more confident

How To Be More Confident (Best 7 Powerful Tips)

So, How to be more confident?

You’ve seen several guys doing well in being a guy.

No that they are taller than you or that they are more brilliant than you.

It’s just that they keep getting ahead when it comes to girls, job interviews, social gatherings, and everyday life challenges.

They know how to maintain conversations, they know how to hold up huge charisma, they know how to stay fearless even in the face of very tough situations.

But you, you are stammering even before approaching the lady you really love, you suck at job interviews, and don’t even know how to maintain a social conversation.

The thing is, you are brilliant and smart… but the problem you have is the lack of confidence. You are not very confident of yourself.

But fortunately, becoming more confident isn’t so hard and we are going to show you how.

Welcome to Thriven Authority and in today’s topic, we’ll be talking about tips that can help you develop that confidence you need to approach life situations just as perfectly as you might have imagined it.

I’m sure you’re eager to know these tips and I’m also spooked to share them also.

let’s begin.


Tip Number One: Begin Your Day With Exercising

The lack of confidence starts from the mind; that’s where it all builds up and if you can learn the keep your mind straight and energized then you can work the effect up to your physical appearance.

By taking the time to exercise your body daily, the blood pressure and blood flow increases everywhere in your body including your brain.

More blood and oxygen in the brain means the more improved and enhanced performance of the brain.

Your overall mood becomes positively elated and your self-esteem gets spiked.

But that’s not all, when you want to exercise, try exercising outside or in a public gym.

A research conducted showed that exercising alone has some positive effects but exercising in an outdoor environment resulted in a huge increase in self-esteem.

By exercising regularly, you continually improve your body image, strengthen and tone your body.

Seeing these results alone will made you proud of yourself and boost your self-confidence.

So, whenever you find yourself running out of confidence, try exercising outside and be consistent.

Tip Number Two: Dress To Impress

Don’t get the whole idea wrong, dressing to impress in this context doesn’t mean you dress because you want to impress a certain person or group of people; instead, it means dressing to leave an impression.

People will always stare at you so why not make it worth their while.

To boost your confidence, you need to learn to keep up with fashion trends.

This doesn’t mean you need to buy the latest Gucci wear or latest Chanel bag…

You just have to learn to wear the right clothing for the right occasion.

When you dress well and you know you look good in your dressing, you spark pride in you that delivers huge confidence that allows you to walk in and out of places knowing that you are killing it.

In fact, Professor Karen Pine, author of Mind What You Wear, made a study where she discovered that types of clothing impacted the self-confidence of the wearer and that choosing the right clothes for a situation can significantly impact performance and confidence levels.

Dressing the right way will make you happy, capture attention, and even open up the way for motivation from your colleagues.

Tip Number Three: Your Fragrance Plays A Huge Role

Surprised as to how this plays a huge role in building your self-confidence?

Well, you have the right to be but unfortunately, it does and several researches have proven this right.

When you’ve successfully selected the right dress for the right situation, you don’t just go on with your day-to-day routines; instead, you wear perfume or cologne… give yourself a compelling fragrance.

The fragrance you give out is important and even a fragrance expert and founder, Danielle Fleming, confirmed this by saying “Aromas can enhance your mood and change your behavior.”

It is just the same way you take pride in your clothing that you take pride in the fragrance you give out.

This helps you feel confident around people and even hypes you up with the hope of grabbing several attentions.

A published study in the journal of Cosmetic Sciences discovered that men who wore cologne showed an increase in both self-perceived attractiveness and self-confidence.

But that’s not all.

Another study made on women showed that 90% of women surveyed confirmed that they feel more confident when wearing a fragrance.

It even goes far as you connecting positively with the fragrance you are putting on as this help triggers a positive mood of emotions and great memories.

Don’t just dress to impress, smell great and your confidence will become great.

Tip Number Four: Adjust Your Body Language

Your body language is all about your body poses and this is a very significant factor in developing your overall confidence.

You see, if you know you wish to get dates, win businesses, and just make an impact on people, then you have to prepare your confidence both in and out.

When trying to dealing with the lack of confidence, most people focus on the words they say, the way they structure their messages, and the way they answer questions in interviews.

These aspects are very important too but one thing you should know is that majority of the human conversation isn’t verbal.

In fact, non-verbal communication takes about 60% of our overall communication ability.

This means, to boost that confidence, you need to learn to relay messages even with your body poses.

The way you walk into place, the eye contact you give has to show you as a winner.

Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist discovered that a conscious shift to a more dominant body pose actually increases internal confidence indicators.

So, next time you have that interview or date, take a few minutes to assume a dominant pose.

Tip Number Five: Smile And Make Eye Contact

This is where most people tend to have problems specially when it comes to someone they have interest in.

Giving out a confident smile and brave eye contact can be more attractive than a good appearance.

A research made by Dr. Monica Moore from Time Magazine on flirting techniques showed that it was mainly the most attractive people who get approached but the ones who make eye contact and also smiled confidently.

This shows that your non-verbal gestures make huge differences and you should learn to smile and make confident eye contacts in order to signal availability and boost your confidence.

Tip Number Six: Surround Yourself With Supportive People

The people you live with also play a huge role in your self-confidence levels.

The more support you receive, the more you tend to believe confidently in yourself and just try to be on top of situations.

However, if you don’t get any encouragement whatsoever from those around you, then you just keep sinking in the ocean of self-denial.

A study made by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research discovered that having a large social connection by belonging to multiple groups predicted improved self-esteem. Groups encourage the best in people and this encouragement goes far more than imagination.

Put simply, to become more confident, surround yourself with supportive people.

Tip Number Seven: End The Day With Meditation

They actually key here isn’t the meditation but the management of your thoughts.

Meditation allows you to take control of your thoughts and just shovel out the bad parts.

By meditating at night, you get to manage those confidence-killing thoughts and just let them off your mind.

An Emory University study showed that 20 minutes of daily meditation is related to areas of activity and connectivity in the brain thereby allowing you to improve your attention and focus less on distractions like your unwanted thoughts.

By learning to let go those fears you have in your, you get to gain control over yourself and everything around you.

To be more confident the next day, this might just be a routine you shouldn’t miss out on.

And that’s it. Have you discovered how you can boost your confidence and start becoming the coolest guy or lady in the room?

Then congratulations!

We are glad out we helped you and if you would love to see more, then why not give check our YouTube videos and subscribe to the channel, and make sure to ding that notifications bell.

You wouldn’t want to miss anything out.

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