6 Weeks Weight Loss Home Workout for Women

6-Week Weight Loss Home Workout Plan for Women

Circle a date six weeks from now on your calendar. That’s when you’ll look back on today and be grateful you began this home workout plan. 

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A personal trainer can cost a lot of money, gym trips may not be your cup of tea, and coming up with your weight loss plan is one huge headache.

This is when the plan above comes into play: it features a cool mix of high-intensity interval training, and strength workouts that allow you to burn calories and grow muscles. 

Whether you want to lose weight or not, the plan of action will also contribute to your fitness and well-being.

What makes the workout plan for women described above different from the others is that the given plan of action is specifically designed for home workouts rather than the gym. 

In other words, you will need little to no equipment for the whole process crown or substitute whatever you have in your household.

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6-Week Home Workout Plan for Women

How it operates: Stick to the timetable provided below or make any changes to it as you see fit. For example, you might prefer to take a break on Wednesdays, not Sundays, or work out less often than weekly if you are a newcomer to fitness.

The most critical thing is to stick to the exercise routine in the recommended order wherever possible.


What you’ll require:

– Lightweight dumbbells (5-8 pounds) (Available on Amazon)

– Medium dumbbells (10-15 pounds) (Available on Amazon)

– Medicine ball (Available on Amazon)

– Swiss ball (Available on Amazon)

– Workout bench (Available on Amazon)


  • Home Workout Plan for Women

This is a 6-week routine that will allow you to work out every day and take a rest once a week. Every single workout session does not last any longer than 20 to 30 minutes, making it flexible in terms of timing and intensity as well.

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  • Elevate Your Routine

For home workouts, this plyometric leg exercise should be done in squats, jumps, and lunges, and it should be performed for 30 seconds then a 30-second rest period. This helps to work with strength and power; hence, the time one can work out for less than 30 minutes.

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  • Tabata Challenge at Home

Add some cardiovascular workout to the strength training with Tabata of 20-second bursts of maximum effort and 10-second rests. This routine is fat-burning and lasts for 20 minutes. 

High-intensity interval training allows increasing exercise intensity for short intervals to train at home. Each of the 13 exercises is done for 1 minute, followed by 1 minute of rest; therefore, a full-body workout lasts for less than 30 minutes.

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  • Equipment-Free Cardio Blast

HIIT involves bodyweight exercises that are also recommended for home workouts. 

Completing each of the 13 exercises that take one exercise and one minute rest helps in fulfilling the full-body workout within less than 30 minutes. 

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  • Dynamic Stretching

The 6-week plan has 7 dynamic stretches to help in losing weight equipped. They are not like passive stretches as one can work on comfortability rather than stress and training for the actual routine.

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  • Full-Body HIIT

This equipment-free HIIT workout facilitates all major muscle groups. A warm-up of 2 minutes should always be followed by a moderate and maximum effort to be switched between two to three circuits. 

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6 Week Weight Loss Home Workout Plan for Women

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  • Running Intervals for Speed

Interval training helps in improving your running potential. A typical 3-minute warm-up with a gradual increase in pace should be followed by running and sprinting on the spot to hit maximum velocity. A 4-minute cool down should be conducted to regain normalcy.

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  • Efficient Weight-Loss Circuit

A circuit workout that aids in improved metabolism and calorie burn has been squeezed into 25 minutes. The workout for all levels facilitates a mini circuit and rest for the beginners and a full circuit with shorter rests for the advanced. 

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  • Interval Cycling Adventure

A cycling workout that is incorporated with intervals helps in calorie burn and muscle build-up on the seating and climbing positions with recovery times in between.

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  • Metabolism Boosting Blitz

A workout plan aiming to combine resistance training, cardio, and HIIT, for maximal effect, and metabolism dietary plans. 

Protein-rich meals, hydration, and metabolism-boosting food should be included in the plan. 

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Things to Remember While Doing Exercises at Home

– Aim for aerobic exercise at least three times weekly. The workout should last 20-30 minutes each to start seeing the health results. 

– For weight loss, rate the pace for aerobic exercise to last more than 20 minutes each.

– At home, employ bodyweight strength training exercises like push-ups, many variations, squats, and lunges for maximum effect. 

– To avoid injuries, always warm up before the workout, and remember to stretch too. 

 – Take small breaks when you feel tired; the body gives you back the report of the tiring muscles: listen to the alerts. 

– Always let every workout session end after water drinking and not before or during, your muscles need to regain their water levels.

– If you are ill or have an injury, it is reasonable to consult a doctor before commencing any physical activities or exercises associated with keeping fit.

– It may be preferable not to exercise in case the weather conditions are severe or the quality of the air is low as these may negatively affect health.

– Use the right attire and equipment for the type of exercise you are doing to avoid getting harmful health effects. Also, wear shoes when jogging to avoid sharp objects that may lie on the ground.

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The Final Words

Also, carry out the exercise in a safe environment that lacks obstacles or traffic on the roads when jogging.

From your own location, you can lose weight and improve your health status as a woman since it is one perfect and convenient way of achieving the same.

For great results, you can also combine both cardio and strength workouts such as squats, lunges, and crunches in the exercise.

Everyone can achieve their health and fitness goals with someone who can adhere to the set routine.

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