6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Quick In a Safe & Healthy Way

6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Quick (In A Safe & Healthy Way)

Looking up “how to get a flat stomach” usually leads you to restrict your diet too much and workout way too hard.

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Regrettably, this is not only dangerous, but it is also inefficient. I turned to specialists to find out how to get a flat stomach safely. What they had to comment surprised me.

For some, a flat tummy is a possibility, but for many others, it is not something they can achieve safely and successfully. What are a few examples of why a flat stomach is unattainable for all? Specialist:

Want to find out how to tone your stomach safely? Here are six professional recommendations for gaining a less bloated stomach.

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Top 6 Expert Recommendations to Get A Flat Stomach

Now that you are one of those fortunate individuals who can achieve a flat stomach with no overexercising or undereating, you should be aware of what contributes to your toned tummy.

So, have no idea about the most effective diet and exercises for a flat stomach? Below are six experts’ recommendations!

  1. Go for a walk

When it comes to getting a flat stomach, walking enjoys increased popularity, due to trends such as Hot Girl Walks and the 12-3-30 treadmill challenge.

This recommendation is fully supported by scientific evidence: according to one study, obese women who walked 50–70 minutes 3 times a week for 12 weeks showed significant reductions in both subcutaneous and visceral body fat compared to the sedentary control group.

Walking is perfectly suited for getting a flatter tummy for a broad range of reasons.

Almost everyone can do it – you can do it anywhere, with minimal equipment, and there is minimal risk of injury due to the low-pressure nature of walking.

Moreover, most people also find walking to be enjoyable, increasing the likelihood that they will stick to their long-term plan.

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  1. Eat Enough Food

It may appear weird, but eating adequately is vital in obtaining a flat belly. While a slight calorie deficit is vital for fat reduction, consuming too little may be harmful to your goals.

Too much food consumed in one sitting may cause bloating since your body can find it difficult to digest the enormous quantity of food.

To guarantee you’re consuming enough, never skip meals and strive to have well-rounded dishes.

A dietitian might help you determine the optimal amount of food to consume for your objectives and individual requirements.

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  1. Keep your Body Hydrated by Drinking Water

Research shows that adequate hydration can boost brain function, physical performance, energy levels, and mood.

However, few people realize that keeping oneself properly hydrated can have a beneficial effect on their appearance, specifically their waistline. Many individuals feel bloated after consuming too much water.

However, being properly hydrated decreases water retention by sending an adequate amount of fluid where it is required and excreting the excess through urine.

Moreover, water supplementation favors gut transit, keeping the colon and other sections of the digestive system functioning smoothly.

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6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Quick In a Safe Healthy Way 1

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  1. Consume Lots of Fiber

Research from 2021 showed that close to 93% of people in America do not consume enough amounts of fiber each day. Fiber is critical to the body for detoxifying it through proper digestion.

It increases feces in both weight and size making them easier to pass.

More significant and more stool increases waste, allowing you to clean your system more regularly.

This isn’t just about shrinking your stomach for general well-being. A diet high in fiber has even been linked to a lower risk of colon cancer.

Unfortunately, insufficient fiber cannot be absorbed, and if you are constipated, your stomach may appear swollen for viewers. In conclusion, this majorly clears up your fiber.

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  1. Diet Diversification

A regular meal plan, as well as a monotonous diet, may have implications in terms of a greasy stomach.

In particular, diverse nutrition, which involves the regular consumption of plenty of fruits and vegetables, is critical to the optimal functioning of the organism and, which is more important, the maintenance of a flat stomach.

Ultimately, it is essential to underscore the role of a healthy gut since its rational nutrition will help prevent bloating and comproach external factors.

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  1. Give Your Gut a Boost

But even after taking all the correct measures, bloating might still happen. Wherever you are, enhance your digestive health.

Starting to supplement is an easy step towards doing this. Probiotics enable beneficial bacteria to grow in the gut, meaning better digestion, less bloating, and a harmonious microbiome all around.

Health starts with the stomach! If bloating is a frequent complaint particularly right after meals, digestive enzymes can split food down more thoroughly than our own insufficient hydrochloric acid, and digestive enzymes found in the food itself help.

It means that everything will be digested faster than before and with less bloating to boot!

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Final Words

It is important to understand that genetics can affect how and where you store fat. Though diet and exercising can impact the ways that your body changes – there are still innate factors.

Some people will naturally have fat on their stomachs while others will find that it stays on their hips and thighs.

Women, especially, keep fat as a cushion in case of emergencies: there is a small fat tummy layer over vital organs.

 It is vital to be kind to yourself and understand that a flat stomach is not an ultimate determination of health and well-being.

Stress less about working out and try eating a balanced diet, staying active, drinking loads of water, and going to bed early. Your body will thank you, especially your tummy.


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