5 Best Massagers for Post-Workout Recovery for Woman

6 Best Massage Guns for Post-Workout Recovery

If you have yet to purchase a massage gun, are you even an exerciser??? In all seriousness, massage guns are such a thing in the fitness industry right now that there are more brands making them than some other fitness product I can think of off the top of my head.

Recovery is just as important as working out and massage tools are the perfect solution for muscle pain relief from the comfort of your own home.

Whereas a massage gun is a tool that exerts the power of percussive therapy, which helps to minimize lactic acid buildup, facilitating muscle recovery.

While the perks of muscle guns can be energizing, all those options can lead to decision fatigue when it comes to trying to pick ONE.

Fortunately, we have partnered with you and created the definitive list of the best massage guns.

Before we dive in we go through the ins and outs of massage guns and how they work. Further down are the full reviews.


6 Best Massage Guns For Post-workout Recovery

Opove Apex Massage Gun

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The best thing about Opove Apex Massage Gun is its efficiency in targeting trigger points and sore spots.

In case you don’t know, trigger points are a tightening of muscle fibers which often occurs after workouts.

It seems that the gun is designed not only for athletes but ordinary people who prefer deep tissue massage and have sore muscles after high-intensity exercises.

Although we used to opt for  the M3 Pro for its thrumming, we should mention its loud operation which cannot be said about Apex. Moreover, the device is more compact and even more maneuverable.

The Opove Apex Massage Gun is very solid gear that is going to bring you all of the relief that you need.

It does exactly what it says it is going to do, provides deep relief, and is also terrific for serious as well as beginner athletes.

It is also perfect in terms of ease of use and is well designed and constructed.

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Very quiet

Very powerful and will provide deep relief.

The batter can go quite a while without needing a charge.

Easy to use.



The lowest setting may be too powerful for some users.

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Ekrin Athletics B37 Massage Gun

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Ekrin Athletics B37 Percussion Massager is a compact and easy-to-handle massager designed for efficient muscle relief.

It has an eight-hour battery life, five-speed settings, and four head attachments. The device is relatively lightweight and extremely quiet, supplied in a carrying case.

We found that this massage gun efficiently removed muscle tension in our shoulders, glutes, and legs.

It is delightful with a 15-degree angled handle ensuring ergonomic reach. Perfect for everyday use, due to a range of adjustable speeds and sturdy build.

Quieter and with a longer battery life than most equivalent devices on our roundup.

Ekrin Athletics B37 Percussion Massager is a great choice for those who need a reliable massage gun that is easy to use on a daily basis.

An ergonomic design, impressive battery life and options to customize your experience make it stand out.

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It is both easy to hold and use.

The speed range is also customizable.

The battery life is quite impressive with the B37.



 The lowest setting might be too high for some people.

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RENPHO Gifts for Dad Massage Gun

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The RENPHO Power Massage Gun is our favorite in this category —the most affordable choice that’s also effective.

As a brand famous for its bathroom scales and foot massagers, RENPHO has earned its place among the wellness companies you can trust.

With 6 percussion levels and 6 heads, this massage gun discreetly marries heavy percussion speeds with light work on damaged muscle points depending on the target for muscle tension relief.

High intensity even at a slow speed , the intensity on the Power Massager is pretty high– but it’s one that we’ve found we moved toward (more on that in a sec) as time went on, particularly on the big muscle groups like your hamstrings.

Though it’s relatively heavy and L-shaped, we still found the massage gun comfortable to hold. It also comes with a nifty little travel bag, although it’s a bit heavier for travel.

The result is a hefty booter into flat with a stall force that just won’t shut off under some more pressure, and the force was flat heavy all the way through our test period.

Ultimately, the power, efficacy and range of the attachments make this massage gun a great investment.

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✯ Pros:

LED touch display

Auto-off timer

6 massage heads


✯ Cons:

Might be too strong for beginners

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5 Best Massagers for Post-Workout Recovery

Recoverfun Mini Massage Gun

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As cheap as this mini massage gun is, it is very effective and efficient. It is budget-friendly and very effective, servicing up to 3,200 percussions per minute.

It is one of the most mini massage guns in the market, featuring four different speed settings for relieving therapy.

While it has fewer speed options than other entries on our list, we found the wide speed range to provide a quality massage while not being so intense.

It is small and easy to handle; during testing, we never felt the massage gun would fall off of our hands.

The brushless motor is relatively quiet, and the battery provides five hours on a charge. Plus you can plug it in and keep it charged via the USB charging port on the side.

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Great battery life

Easy to hold



Less powerful than some choices

No hard carrying case

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Achedaway Pro 16mm Amplitude Massage Gun

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For something a bit more intense, try the Pro Percussion and Vibration Massager from Achedaway.

At 16 millimeters, this percussive massage gun gives a 60% deeper impact than other products.

Finally, it ranks at the top for the worst stall force on our list with 80 pounds of it.

You can also adjust the speed to any of the four settings the ZERO5 has, for a total of five-speed settings for a more customizable massage.

At 2.5 pounds, this massage gun doesn’t rank among the lightest on the market, but it’s also not the heaviest.

They said it provides two to three hours of battery life, which is good, and thankfully you can also buy a second battery to double up its battery life.

It was straightforward to use and set up It also included a carrying case and four massage heads.

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Very Powerful

Carrying case included

Easy to use and set up



Heavier than other device

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TheraFace PRO Microcurrent Facial Device

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So, you think you need a massage gun, for your face? Enter Therabody’s TheraFace Pro.

From annoying jaw pain to facial muscle tension, this pioneering facial tool uses gentle percussive massage to calm irritation.

The tool is equipped with cleansing, microcurrent, and LED light therapy heads to target the most common skincare objectives.

We have been testing it and when used in a skincare routine, it has been providing a natural upgrade, seamlessly with ease.

But it has all the bells and whistles you could ever dream of with a microcurrent ring to firm and tighten, LED red light for reducing crow’s feet.

LED blue light for treating mild to moderate acne, LED red and infrared light for reducing crow’s feet and temporary pain, flat head percussive attachment for relieving tension, micropoint percussive head attachment that may improve circulation, cone head percussive attachment for the application of pressure points, and a cleansing ring for more effectively cleaning dirt, oil, and debris.

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Provides deeper skincare treatments

Ergonomic design

Six head attachments



Pricier than other options

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