Watermelon Smoothie for Losing Weight

Watermelon Smoothie for Weight Loss

This wholesome watermelon smoothie designed for weight loss blends the delightful flavors of watermelon, banana, lime, and mint.

It’s a refreshing, low-calorie option that supports your weight loss journey, making it the ultimate watermelon smoothie.

So of course smoothies are our go-to summertime snack/breakfast for staying cool and nourished in this heat!


About The Banana Watermelon Smoothie For Weight Loss

So here we have a 5-ingredient weight loss smoothie that is plant-based, whole food, low fat, and vegan. This is also a huge low-calorie win.

Make sure you have a high-speed blender to get the perfect consistency without any remaining chunks of ice or banana.

Prefer thinner smoothies? No problem. This mix is not too thick because watermelon is a highly water-based food that makes a very refreshing juice when you blend it with a banana.

With just half a banana in each serving, it provides the perfect crumb and moisture level so you stay fuller longer.


How Does This Watermelon Smoothie Recipe Support Weight Loss?

A car cannot run smoothly, without even a single tire, similarly, without diet you cannot lose weight and diet holds around 80% portion than exercise which is only the rest of 20%.

This smoothie conforms completely to these parameters, as a low caloric density of fats and oils means a nutrient-rich smoothie.

Watermelon smoothie calories are low as watermelon has a high water content.

The recipe cuts to only 149 calories per smoothie, too, while still providing protein, calcium, iron, and potassium. The amino acid arginine in watermelon, for example, helps the body burn fat.

Most smoothies are high calorie by nature but thanks to the watermelon, you can eat this in a relatively high volume while remaining at a moderate calorie level.

Watermelon Smoothie for Weight Loss

Ingredients For The Watermelon Smoothie

Most smoothies that we find in store are full of added friction and syrups which diminish the health benefits of the smoothie. This recipe, on the other hand, sticks to the basics: just five wholesome ingredients that are so easily available at your local supermarket.

– Watermelon: Naturally seedless and organic if desired.

Banana: As bananas age, making them less ripe, they become less sweet and much more difficult to digest To ripen the bananas fully place them at room temperature for a day or two before utilization.

Lime: Lime is packed in antioxidants and Vitamin C and is great for weight loss and digestion.

Mint: You can skip this but it changes the entire dimension of the smoothie. It is rich in vitamin A antioxidant and the second ingredient is mint.

– Ice cubes: A must-have to keep your smoothie cool and refreshing.



– 2 cups chopped watermelon

– 1/2 ripe banana

Juice of 1/2 lime

– Handful of fresh mint

– 1 cup ice cubes



  1. Add the ingredients to a blender. Best Blender for Smoothies – Vitamix Blender Check the price here
  2. Blend until smooth.


Variations of The Watermelon Smoothies

Want to mix it up or add something extra to your watermelon smoothie? Adhere to the above recipes with these heavenly variations to convert up your beverage each memento summertime According to Gillespie!

  • Pineapple Twist:

For a Tropical Taste, either substitute pineapple or add it to the recipe.

Tasting like a tropical escape in every sip, this watermelon pineapple mix is sure to help you relax in a mini-getaway.

This Watermelon Pineapple Smoothie shade is remarkable, for weight loss.

  • Probiotic Boost:

Mix in a few spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, then increase the probiotic factor and make it an even better option for your gut.

  • Blueberry Bliss:

Add some more blueberries for a red, white, and blue smoothie.

Wild blueberries will taste better and give you extra antioxidants.

This blueberry watermelon smoothie is loaded with them along with the superfoods.

  • Green Power:

Snap Pea & Spinach Salad with Miso Ginger Dressing –> Amp up the fiber, vitamin K, and other essential nutrients by adding a handful of spinach.

The hint of green just looks like more antioxidants in the smoothie, and the spinach will be undetectable amidst the blueberries.

We give off the bat that watermelon spinach smoothie is excellent for weight loss, but it is also a low-calorie full of essential vitamins.


Benefits of Watermelon For Health

Watermelon is not only beneficial for weight loss but also works wonders for your health wanting a little bit of health care. Here are some of them:

  • Hydration:

This high content of fiber, fructose, and water found in watermelon occupies a large place in health food, as together these substances, are especially recommended for hydration of the body, and thus Watermelon becomes an excellent option, especially in times of heat or exercise.

  • Blood Pressure Regulation:

The amino acid citrulline may lower blood pressure, hence good for the cardiovascular system.

  • Eye Health:

Vitamin A which is necessary to maintain good healthy of the eye and vision is contained in watermelon.

But what is also key is that watermelon has a host of other health benefits behind it, meaning that including it no your diet will benefit you.



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