Watermelon Banana Smoothie For Losing Weight

Watermelon Banana Smoothie For Weight Loss

Looking for a delicious summer drink? Enter this yummy banana watermelon banana smoothie recipe! This smoothie is the best for hot days, very refreshing and satiating.

With watermelon and banana as the natural sweeteners, you don’t need to add any refined sugar. It’s a low-calorie treat.

Perfect for enjoying with your entire family as an informal way of refreshing during hot summer days.

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Watermelon and Banana Smoothie Benefits

Here are the health benefits and reasons why this recipe stands out:

Nutritious: Since this smoothie is loaded with quality vitamin & mineral-rich foods, it can be hydrating and wholesome. It has fiber, unlike juice-based smoothies, which is great for digestion.

Quick Prep: If you have frozen bananas handy, this smoothie can go from blender to your taste buds in under 5 minutes. Just dump this bad boy in a food processor and push blend.

Simple: With just 3 ingredients this recipe is as simple as happiness. There is no need to go on a special health food store trip.

Kid-Friendly: This healthier, fruit-based alternative to milkshakes is loved by kids over a blender. Brightly colored and delicious, making it a kid’s favorite

Versatile Snack: Perfect for recovery after yoga, or a quick and refreshing afterschool snack. It also goes great as a side fruit very of many additives.

No Added Sugar: Blending sweet watermelon with banana requires no additional sugar or sweetness from maple or honey.

Dietary-Friendly: It is a smoothie that suits almost any preference, vegan, or vegetarian as well as dairy-free and even gluten-free in addition to being low-calorie To the weight losers watermelon could be a great match because of its individuals with low-calorie.

Delightful Taste: This banana watermelon smoothie is a hit with the kids. It tastes so good! Believe me, this one’s a people-pleaser!



All you need to prepare this watermelon weight-loss smoothie is a high-powered ninja blender.

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To prepare this vegan watermelon smoothie, you’ll need just 4 wholesome ingredients:

  1. Fresh watermelon: You should decide on a ripe sweet, juicy watermelon. It is best to cool in the refrigerator.
  2. Frozen banana: It will add natural sweetness and creaminess since it is a ripe, frozen banana!
  3. Lime juice: Burnt Wire Lime juice can mix very outstanding sparkly and extremely delicious taste
  4. Fresh mint: This herb adds a refreshing twist to the dairy-free watermelon and banana blend, similar to a green mint chocolate chip smoothie.



  1. Place watermelon cubes, frozen banana slices, fresh lime juice, and mint leaves in a blender or food processor.
  2. Blend until super smooth and creamy.
  3. Test the smoothie, and if so desired, stir in some maple syrup or agave nectar for extra sweetness.
  4. Serve gamed with a slice of lime or a fresh mint leaf.
  5. Cold 2 glasses immediately serve

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Watermelon Banana Smoothie For Weight Loss

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This smoothie is best consumed the second you make it. If you have some leftovers, place them into a sealed container in the fridge for up to 24 hours

Or you can freeze the smoothie into ice cube trays or silicone popsicle molds for up to 2 months and have a tasty Summer frozen dessert.


Top Tips:

– Simply use frozen bananas or watermelon -: for an even thicker, frosty texture. If using fresh watermelon, no additional liquid is required.

– Keep in mind that the frozen watermelon will make a thicker texture when blended with fresh banana, you may need to add some splashes of milk or water for the right consistency too.

– Even more, ice can be added to the blender when using only fruits, this results in an especially thick and cold smoothie.

– Slightly brown bananas work best as they are the primary sweetener besides watermelon.

– Be aware that this smoothie is mildly sweet, so if you like yours sweeter just add a touch of maple or agave!

– Use a high-speed blender for the best creamy and silky power.

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Can You Put Watermelon in A Smoothie?

Absolutely! Thank you to DK Books for kindly sending me a copy of Juices and Smoothies by Ellen Brown Watermelon is the ultimate summer fruit making them perfect to use in smoothies and summery drinks.

They offer a sweet taste without cravings for simple carbs and a good amount of vegetable energy.


Can You Freeze Fresh Watermelon?

Can you freeze watermelon? Just dice them into cubes or roll them out into balls and then pop them in a ziplock bag of containers to store for the future.

Since frozen watermelon chunks will turn to mush when thawed, they are best used in smoothies, sorbets, or ice cream recipes.

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What Can You Do With Lots of Watermelon?

There are numerous delicious ways to use up an abundance of watermelon, including adding it to salads, smoothies, sorbets, or cocktails.

You can also make refreshing watermelon popsicles that kids will love.


What Pairs Well With Watermelon?

Watermelon can be put to good use in salads, smoothies, sorbet-type dishes cocktails, and more.

Also, delicious watermelon popsicles to have the little ones.


Is It Healthy To Have A Fruit Smoothie Every Day?

If you can take a fruit smoothie every day, well and fine provided you are using whole fruits without adding sugar.

This is where the fruit smoothie comes into play, which is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients as well as fiber to help boost immunity (thanks to vitamin C!), and aid in digestion all while keeping you feeling full.



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