The #1 Workout To Lose Belly Fat Walking

The #1 Workout To Lose Belly Fat (It’ll Surprise You!)

Though easily acquired, losing belly fat seems to be an uphill task. Many times it is unresponsive to a change of exercise or diet. 

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Equally, this type of fat is challenging to remove, except through surgery.

At the moment there’s no productive way to reduce belly fat. Fortunately, I have exercise that is mostly overlooked, yet it works quite well at targeting your belly fat.

Let me disclose it to you and help you plan to add it to your routine.

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The Struggle with Belly Fat: Here’s Why?

Perseveration over stubborn belly fat is far more than an unhealthy fixation, however — several people grapple with distended bellies no matter how hard they work out.

But why is this the case? Explain As Follows What makes belly fat so hard to lose? It’s in our genetics.

We were made aware of this more than two decades ago now, in 1997 through the work of Dr. Bouchard (1): fat loss is not evenly distributed throughout our body and is an even less stereotypical process due to genetic influence.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can easily eliminate his abdominal fat, hats off to you. For most men, losing belly fat is a challenge at best.

It may seem easy to blame a slim, toned abdomen on genetics and give up without trying, but that’s not the case at all.

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The Most Effective Exercise for Belly Fat Reduction

The most simple and least taxing variety of cardio (and also the remarkably adjustable one) shock horror… walking!

Well, now you could ask something like that! You may want to remain somewhat skeptical! Can walking as simple of an exercise trim the fat around your belly? [Golf] does not burn calories like many other activities. I mean it can’t be that easy to get a six-pack just by walking, right?

Walking is not only low-hanging fruit, it’s a high-yield form of exercise for your heart and lungs as running or doing HIIT workouts. Given an option, most of us would like to choose the simplest and most effective one as walking.

If you’re battling with fat on your stomach and are frustrated because of the slow pace, then possibly you’re trying to invent the wheel again.

Therefore, if you are sick of not getting any results week after week and year after year no matter how hard and long in duration you have been trying.

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The #1 Workout To Lose Belly Fat FOR GOOD

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How Many Calories Can You Burn by Walking?

With the math of it all, before you even know it the calories burned from walking add up quickly.

Say they are walking at a leisurely rate of 3 mph. Now what? I will use an example of someone who weighs 170 pounds:

Being referenced using the same exercise database as earlier, this individual will burn an average of 3.4 calories per minute equating to about 200 calories an hour(qtd in qtd parallel citation).

That means, by walking an extra hour three days per week we’d burn 600 more calories.

According to my calculations, every year that would lead to an additional 31,200 calories burned which is equivalent to about a little more than 9 lbs of fat loss.

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Walking Offers Long-Term Sustainability:

Walking for hours might sound like a lot, but it doesn’t have to be all in one go.

Later in this piece how to seamlessly insert these exercises into your daily routine, targeting the impossibly elusive belly fat area.

However, before we even get into that, how does this walking route stack up against the running schedule I walked through earlier?

Sure, the running regimen might take off more calories in fewer days, but let me question you, how likely do you think that you would stay at such a level for a whole year-long? 

You will push yourself as much as you can for the first couple of months, but it will not be enough to maintain the entire year, you will slip slowly but not gradually, thus losing your progress. 

Meanwhile, 16 pound of purely fat burning would reduce to two or five pound at most, which is not something that will do any respectable work to your belly fat. 

Thus, walking is the best exercise to lose your belly fat, and I have been keeping my lean shape by walking only.

So, now that you’re hopefully convinced about the power of walking, let’s talk about how to make it a part of your lifestyle to obliterate belly fat without even realizing it.

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How to Shed Belly Fat Through Walking

Get started by first finding out how many steps you’re currently taking on average each day. 

Your iPhone or Android Google Fit… Track your daily average for a week. While this number may be smaller than you’d prefer, let me assure you; it’s a good thing. 

This simply means that there is lots of room to raise the bar on our performance (which will also lead to higher numbers).

For example, Built With Science program member Devyn was at a plateau up until a few weeks ago.

However, all he needed to do was get 8,000 to 10,000 steps rather than the mere 3,000 that he was tracking, and bam. Not only did he start losing fat every single week after that, but it was especially in the stubborn areas.

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Steady Progress Yields Results:

I wouldn’t recommend that most people aim for 10,000 steps right from the get-go. Instead, start with a manageable target and try and add an extra 2000 steps to your daily routine at first. 

For example, the average person takes something in the region of about 1200 steps during an average 10-minute walk. 

Simply add 2 10-minute walks to your average daily routine and you’ll hit your targets without much issue.

Then, when you’ve got that nailed on, increase by another 2,000 steps. Keep following this principle, increasing in this way until you’re hitting, at a minimum, about 8000 steps. 

Alternatively, feel free to go even as high as 15,000 steps – as this seems to be where the most significant benefits about fat-loss and health can be felt.

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The key is to tailor this approach to your lifestyle. Here are some personal tips I follow:

– Park further away from where you need to be.

– Go on the scenic route to the bathroom.

– Do 10 minutes of incline walking after every workout.

– Take a 10-minute walk after each meal.

– Use stairs instead of lifts, whenever you can.

– Listen to podcasts while walking, among other strategies.

A study showed that even for people with sedentary office jobs, taking just 5 minutes walk per hour during working hours can translate into more than 9 pounds of extra fat lost each year in blood.

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Final Words

Let’s put it this way: calories that you spend after one hour of walking or 30 minutes of running are approximately equal to the calories that are in three pieces of toast, which you can eat in just a few seconds. 

That is why you should focus on changing your ration and consider walking as a way of speeding up this process.

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