Post-Workout Smoothie For Weight Loss

The Best Post-Workout Smoothie For Weight Loss

It is not only for the individual gaining muscles, but it is crucial for the person who is losing weight.

So we are here with a delicious weight loss post-workout smoothie recipe that is low in calories, high in protein, and very easy to make even if you have little to no time.

Recover with the best post-workout protein smoothie for weight loss!

Fusion ingredients:- 1 scoop of protein powder 1 banana 50g of nuts 200g yogurt Sip on this drink as it contains the right amount of nutrients to help in recovery and fat burning.



– 1 cup frozen banana slices

– 1 tbsp unsweetened peanut butter

– 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

– 2 tbsp unsweetened Greek yogurt

– 1 scoop unsweetened protein powder

– 1/2 cup frozen strawberries



  1. Add 1/4 cup yogurt, 1 heaped spoonful of peanut butter, and 1/2 cup of almond milk in the jar of your high-speed blender, Nutribullet, or Blendjet, and then add the remaining ingredients.
  2. Mix well for 3-4 minutes, until fully smoothened.Enjoy the smoothie promptly after preparation (assuming you’ve just returned from the gym).


Benefits of Consuming A Fat-Burning Post-Workout Shake

This protein shake is a powerful weight loss trick after training with a very low-calorie content with the following benefits:

Nutrient-Rich: Laden with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, promoting overall health and wellness.

Energy Boost: The natural sugars in bananas & strawberries give a quick up & go whereas protein delivers longer-lasting energy.

Muscle Support: Protein in Greek yogurt, powder, and peanut butter helps replenish muscles for repair and growth, perfect post-work nourishment

Digestive Health: Also rich in fibers from fruits that help in digestion and in maintaining gut health.

Heart Wellness: Several nutritious fats such as peanut butter and almond milk unsaturated fats support heart wellness.

Hydration: The water content in almond milk and the fruit itself help in more ways than one to keep your body hydrated.

Bone Fortification: Calcium from almond milk and Greek yogurt, along with other minerals, bolsters bone health.


How to Make A Post-Workout Smoothie for Weight Loss

The Best Post-Workout Smoothie For Weight Loss

For those adverse to protein powder seeking a protein-free smoothie variation, here’s how to customize this smoothie:

Method 1:

– Increase yogurt from 2 tablespoons to 1/2 cup.

– Reduce almond milk from 1 cup to 1/2 cup.


Method 2:

– Replace protein powder and yogurt with 1 cup of cottage cheese or silken tofu.

– Once more, reduce almond milk from 1 cup to 1/2 cup.


Other Substitutions & Smoothie Variations

For those desiring a slightly different post-workout smoothie taste for weight loss, consider these options:

– To boost protein content further, opt for low-fat dairy milk instead of almond milk.

– Swap bananas for mango if bananas aren’t to your liking.

– Substitute frozen strawberries with any other berry of choice.

– If nut-free, utilize sunflower seed butter in place of almond butter.



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