Mixed Fruit Smoothie for Weight Loss

Mixed Fruit Smoothie for Weight Loss

No matter the season, smoothies remain a favorite choice. They are appreciated for their taste and adored when served chilled.

Here’s another delightful creation by Fitelo: a mixed fruit smoothie boasting the flavors of various delicious fruits but with a healthy twist.

This recipe not only aids in weight loss but also supplies your body with essential nutrients, vitamins, and benefits. Give the recipe a try now and savor its refreshing goodness.

Mixed Fruit Smoothie for Weight Loss



How to Prepare the Mixed Fruit Smoothie

  1. Begin by finely chopping watermelon, apples, strawberries, and bananas.
  2. Next, in a blender, combine all the chopped fruits, yogurt, water, and dry fruits. Blend until smooth.
  3. Finally, pour the smoothie into glasses, adding some ice cubes for a refreshing chill. Serve the mixed fruit smoothie cold.


– Feel free to add your choice of fruits to personalize the smoothie.

– For added nutrition and texture, consider garnishing the smoothie with seeds like pumpkin or sunflower.

– Adjust the amount of water according to your preferred consistency.

Weight Loss Tips:

Having limited knowledge can hinder progress, especially in weight loss journeys.

Dietitian Mac is here to provide professional tips and accurate knowledge to support you throughout your weight loss journey.


Benefits of Mixed Fruit Smoothie

– Apples: Rich in fiber, apples contribute to feelings of fullness and support weight loss.

– Bananas: Abundant in nutrients, bananas assist in regulating blood sugar levels.

– Strawberries: Low in calories yet packed with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients.

– Watermelon: Possesses anti-cancer properties and promotes hydration for extended periods.

– Curd: Supports dental and bone health, and fosters a healthy digestive system.


What Fruits Can Be Combined for Smoothies?

Smoothies and juices are delightful post-meal treats known for their sweetness and nutritional benefits. They offer a nutritious boost to overall health. Here are some combinations recommended by nutritionists that you might find surprising:

Strawberries and starfruit

Papaya and avocado

Apple, bitter gourd, and lemon

– Pear, kale, and cucumber

– Lemon, avocado, celery, and cucumber


Is a Mixed Fruit Smoothie Beneficial for You?

Mixed fruit smoothies are beneficial due to their high fiber content derived from fruits and vegetables.

They help bridge the gap between recommended and actual fiber intake, reducing the risk of chronic diseases and enhancing overall health.


What Is the Ideal Liquid for Fruit Smoothies?

Various liquids like juice, iced coffee or tea, milk, non-dairy milk, and coconut water can be used in fruit smoothies.

Opt for milk or pea protein milk if you aim to increase protein intake, as they offer 8 to 10 grams of protein per cup.

Coconut water or almond milk are healthier alternatives if you obtain sufficient protein from other sources.

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