Kale Berry Smoothie For Losing Weight

Kale Berry Smoothie For Weight Loss

Kale always seems to be the superstar superfood buzz queen of the moment.

Maybe you’ve caught on to the health-crazed hype about kale and eaten it a few times, but don’t know how to use it.

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You’ve maybe tasted kale once or twice and its strong flavor didn’t appeal to you.

The question for you becomes whether or not you want to capitalize on the numerous health benefits turmeric offers as well, with reservations about an unsuitable taste and/or disastrous recipe fallout. The kale berry smoothie to the rescue!

Well, enter this yummy concoction! A healthy mix of berries and kale that’s truly tasty.

Your body will get what it needs in a glass without being weighed down and with all the flavor packed into this healthy smoothie.

And the best part is that it’s a keto-friendly kale shake, which makes a very low-net-carb smoothie for those who are looking for such options.


Why this super healthy kale berry smoothie is amazing:

  • Delectable Taste:

Take your taste buds for a trip with this dreamy Kale kaleberry smoothie! Although I initially worried that the ever-so-slightly earthy tones of the kale might be too powerful for this mix, you can trust me on this one; it works pure magic.

The raspberries add sweetness, and the protein powder with its rich chocolate notes did a great job of balancing out the robust flavor from the kale so all you get is an amazingly tasty and satisfying berry smoothie.

  • Assuaged Concerns:

If you’ve ever shied from a kale-infused drink because you were afraid of how it would taste, fear no more: But this kale shake recipe changes everything! A delicious mix that you’ll enjoy drinking.

Forget the horrible expectations that have been built around consuming green leafy drinks, and trust me when I say they’ll be doing a happy little dance by the end of sipping this smoothie.

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Kale Smoothie Recipe for Weight Loss

Whipping up this kale berry smoothie couldn’t be easier with only three main ingredients (and water). Writ Whether you use fresh or frozen and whether possible, any brand of chocolate protein power will save on both Sunbury supplements.



– Kale – 25g / 0.88oz / 1 cup

– Raspberries (fresh or frozen) – 75g / 2.65oz / 5/8 cup

– Chocolate protein powder – 29g / 1.02oz / 1/3 cup

– Water – 250ml-300ml / 8.8fl oz – 10.5fl oz



  1. If you’re using frozen raspberries, blend them first to ensure proper mixing in the final protein shake.
  2. Add the kale, raspberries, chocolate protein powder, and water to the high-speed blender.
  3. Blend until smooth.
  4. Serve and savor your nutritious kale berry smoothie!



– If using frozen raspberries, blitz these first to create a crushed-ice-type texture before adding the other ingredients.

– The taste of chocolate protein powders can change though! And those are the ones I’d be curious to try with this recipe. If you can afford it I highly recommend Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Double Chocolate and that is a tasty shake.

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Kale Berry Smoothie For Weight Loss

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How Kale Berry Smoothie is So Versatile?

kale flavorFeel free to substitute kale or several options for modification Maybe cut back on the amount of kale slightly or add more blueberries.

Any changes larger than that in the amount of kale will change the taste of the smoothie drastically.

Or simply increase the amount of blueberries if you prefer! But remember that blueberries are pretty mild-tasting.

If you do want to significantly change the flavor of your blueberry green smoothie then you would need a fair bit more than an extra half cup.

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Healthy Kale Smoothie Benefits

And there is no question that this kind of kale, the leafy green once exclusively embraced by aging hippies and their goats, is a nutritional powerhouse. Kale is often described as a ‘superfood’ with an incredible list of health benefits!

Kale also beats out spinach with 4 times the Vitamin C of that leafy green. It is also another good source of plant-based calcium and a storehouse of essential vitamins, K, D as well as E.

Kale meanwhile, might help in protecting against heart disease and cancer and backing up eye health, the BBC said. Truly remarkable!

Blueberries, nature’s colorful health bombs, pack a potent antioxidant punch. Bursting with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, these tiny powerhouses provide antioxidants shown to help fight damaging free radicals.

Some research indicates blueberries may support brain health and memory as we age.

Research shows that blueberries can lower the amount of DNA damage, blood pressure, heart disease risk, and memory function. Source

From those credentials, it is more apparent now that blueberries truly are a superfood!


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