How to Lose 50 Pounds Tips for 3 Months

How to Lose 50 Pounds: Tips for the First 3 Months

It is a very ambitious plan, especially if it is planned within the next three months. Even if some people manage to lose 50 pounds in three months, health professionals warn against such measures.

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When a person keeps to a healthy diet and gets proper physical activity for three months, the person may look and feel different due to the significant improvements in health. However, it is more realistic to lose 12-24 pounds within three months.

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Here’s why, along with tips to kickstart your journey:

  • Reduce Your Caloric Intake.

The initial step to start losing weight is choosing your current calorie intake. As losing weight means creating a calorie deficit, you should figure out the number of calories you have to reduce.

First, you should assess the number of calories required to maintain your weight. For general estimation, refer to the Estimated Calorie Needs chart by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans taking into account your age, gender, and level of physical activity. To make it more personalized, use the tools for tracking calories.

They take into account more parameters and allow you to not only note your food consumption but also evaluate your physical exercises to give a refined number of calories crucial for you.

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  • Prioritize Protein Intake.

While you are reducing the total number of calories, do not forget to focus on protein calories.

According to the December 2019 review and meta-analysis study by Advances in Nutrition, people who are cutting calories should target up to approximately 1.3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, higher than the regular recommendation of 0.8 g/kg for average adults.

One kilogram is equal to approximately 2/2 pounds. If your weight is around 200 pounds, your daily protein calculation will equal approximately 118 grams during your journey to lose weight.

Examples of nutritious protein-rich foods include:

– Chicken breast

– Ground turkey

– Salmon

– Canned tuna

– Tofu and tempeh

– Beans and lentils

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  • Increase Fiber Consumption.

Finally, along with protein-rich foods, it’s important to eat lots of high-fiber (especially fruit and vegetables) sources as well.

Fiber aids in weight control since it helps you fuller on fewer calories and benefits your gut health as well as metabolism.

According to a study published in February 2015 in the Annals of Internal Medicine, getting around 30 grams daily can be just as beneficial for weight as consuming elaborate versions of healthy diets.

Fiber-rich foods to include in your diet:

– Avocado

– Beans and lentils

– Berries

– Edamame

– Firm tofu

– Flaxseed and chia seeds

– Oatmeal

– Pears

– Squash

– Sweet potato

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  • Incorporate Strength Training.

It’s easy to assume that types of readily available cardio, like running or cycling, are the only options for maximizing calorie burn but neglecting strength training as an ally can prevent you from shedding pounds.

Strength training will help you build muscle. More muscle means an increased resting metabolism and calorie expenditure over time.

Exactly, according to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, we are supposed to be getting a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity cardio (75 minutes if you prefer vigorous activity) and two full-body strength training workouts.

If you want to use these moves to maximize your calorie burn, try cardio-centric exercises that target large muscle groups: think squats, burpees without a jump, nonweighted deadlifts slow and controlled, push-ups on your knees or can’t do them? You got this.

Just hold a plank. pulling up to stand from sightly elevated.

Using weights or just using your body weight, these exercises are very useful in increasing muscle strength and calorie burn. And if you are a beginner, the results will be excellent!

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  • Integrate HIIT Workouts.

Short bursts of severe activity, typically 20-60 seconds in length, are part of what makes HIIT unique. These short bursts are then followed by brief periods of lower-intensity activity — or recovery periods

This method of training is a godsend for those short on time, and it’s highly effective as I said earlier in terms of fat burning and helping you lose weight.

WeightA meta-analysis released in February 2018 in Sports Medicine, which included close to 40 studies.

Showed that when compared with moderate-intensity aerobic training or resistance training, HIIT significantly reduced the total absolute fat mass and weight of individuals.

Adding HIIT sessions to your regimen can help you burn more calories and slim down faster! And who doesn’t want that, right??

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How to Lose 50 Pounds - Tips for the First 3 Months

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  • Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed.

The early weeks of trying to implement a new diet and exercise routine can feel like the most challenging part.

But the novelty of a new beginning might wear off next week when you have been put on low snacks and asked to exercise with your already full-capacity schedule

But there are ways to remain steadfast and not get disheartened.


  • Set Realistic Expectations.

Well, that’s not achievable, and nor should it be. Endless humiliation that comes with little tumbles can cause you to give up your brand-new routine prematurely.

Rather, as a person allow on your own the unusual indulgence; realizing that you don’t are required to cut out these food types connected with your life.

It could be as simple as consuming less to come in under 500 calories per day.

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  • Weigh Yourself Weekly.

After a day have passed on your new routine, you visit the scale to check where you’re standing just to realize that you’ve gained weight since then.

So on the first day of any diet and exercise plan, step on that scale.

Weigh yourself Exactly a Week Later Again at the Same Time in The Morning Weighing yourself consistently every week is the best means of keeping score.


  • Take Measurements Monthly.

Next you need to track your measurements as well. You may have not lost much weight because your building muscle (lean body mass) and losing fat which won’t show up on the scale right away.

On the first day of your routine, measure your hips, waist and bust twice a month.

These measurements will also help you in knowing your progress Tally, that definitely motivates to continue the hard work.

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Losing 50 Pounds Is Achievable?

To realistically take a journey from 164 to losing 50 pounds you must understand this will likely occur over six months but individual variables such as metabolism, diet, and regimen could vary in length

They’re all helpful — along with dollops of consistent calorie tracking, mindful eating, and getting in movement when you can.

Just remember, it is not important how long you do this but how it feels to be in the process and when you have achieved your goal.

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