How To Increase Brain Power

How To Increase Brain Power (6 Tips To Double Memory Power)

So, you want to know how to increase brain power and memory for longer remembrance? Let’s do it….

You have exam coming up in the next few weeks, an important exam that will determine how well your grades will be at the end of the school year.

Knowing the gravity of how important this exam is, you have already plunged into your study more and you are already making necessary efforts to cover every topic just in time for the exam.

Unfortunately for you, every attempt you make at getting to understand certain concepts ends up being unsuccessful and any time you eventually manage to grasp the understanding of some things, they activate volatility and just slowly fade from your memory.

This is bad, really bad as you need to be ready for any question to ensure you come out in flying colors.

So, if your brain keeps proving incapable of grasping concepts and your memory fails at holding information for a long time, what do you do?

Well, you just watch attentively as we show you how you can correct these problems and start getting good at understanding and remembrance.

Well, once again to Thriven Authority and today’s will be all about tips that can help you increase brain power and boost memory.

Ready to learn the tips? let’s get started.


Tip Number One: Start By Getting Enough Sleep

Have you ever tried going sleepless for a day?

If you have, can you still remember the feeling you got from the experience?

Does the dizziness and lack of energy still ring a bell?

Well, that just a day and you felt really terrible.

Now, imagine not getting enough sleep for days over days… it starts to reflect and the side effects can be enormous.

A very vital life component is sleep, it is an often-neglected component of life but it plays a very huge role in the overall health of every individual.

Sleep is very essential as it is the experience that enables the body to make necessary repairs to itself and stay agile and ready for the next day operations.

But it’s not just repairs alone, sleep also helps in memory consolidation whereby short-term memories are transformed into long-lasting ones.

And according to 2012 a study published on Plos One, it was discovered that a lack of sleep can lead to downgrading in memory.

By loosing out on sleep you also run the risk of over-weight, cancer, and possible collapse.

To ensure you brain and memory function at their maxima, be sure to sleep to the maximum.

Tip Number Two: Exercise More… You Really Need It

This isn’t about getting fit, loosing weight, or getting your brain to stay focused.

This is about getting your brain to develop and fire in more neurons than it would normally.

If you’ve been following this channel for a while now, then you already know that mental exercise is one of the essentials for better productivity and brain functionality.

But mental exercise isn’t just the only powerful method you can apply in improving your brain functionality. Physical exercise also delivers a very great memory boosting effect.

Physical exercise has been shown to deliver several cognitive benefits.

According to Seung Soo Beak in a 2016 research article, exercise increases the secretion of neuroprotective proteins and boosts the growth and development of neurons which all lead to better brain health.

Physical exercise also boosts the delivery of oxygen and nutrient to the body helping in creating new cells that are essential for memory storage.

You don’t have to engage in stressful physical exercises, a mere 20 minutes jog is enough to deliver excellent benefits.

Tip Number Three: Cut Your Sugar Level

If you really want to ace that exam, interview, or just get better at understanding and remembering things, then you need to be cautious of what you take in.

Food plays a very important part in the human body and there are several contents that make up every food molecule.

These contents all have benefits and side effects.

Among them is sugar and as good as sugar tastes, it doesn’t exactly play fair with your brain power and retention skills.

According to several articles and publications, the consumption of too much sugar has been linked to several health issues and chronic diseases among which is a decline in cognitive skills. According to a study conducted on more than 4000 people and published in the National Library of Medicine, it was discovered that a high intake of beverages containing sugar led to poorer memories.

This means, by cutting back on the sugar you take in, you can improve your memory and amplify your brainpower.

Eating less sugar can also save you from diabetes and other related diseases.

Tip Number Four: Reduce Your Stress Engagement

Have you ever wondered what you body feels when it gets stressed?

Have you maybe imagined or experienced how awesome you felt when you gave yourself a long break from the strenuous activities of life?

Stress itself is enough to lessen your comprehension ability.

When you stress your body, you are opening up an entry route for effects like chest pain, increase in blood pressure, increased heart rate, muscle tightening, stomach tension, and most importantly, lack of focus.

According to a publication on, research conducted on some people with dementia showed that they actually don’t have the sickness; instead, continuous and intense stress lead to their memory becoming impaired and their brain cognition decreasing over time.

By trying several stress reduction methods, you can eliminate the effects it imposes on your brain and improve your memory as fast as possible.

Tip Number Five: Train Your Brain

Remember when you get schooled by your parents or elderly ones simply because you are a game fanatic?

What if we told you that game you so much love is one of those things that will help improve your brain power and boost your memory capabilities?

Well, don’t get the idea twisted yet.

The games I’m talking about aren’t those involving your hunting down bad guys with guns on a sophisticated gaming console but those that allow you to think and push the limits of your brain just to figure out the solution to certain problems.

These games are called brain training games. Brain training games are very effective at boost improvement in areas like semantic memory which governs your retention and recollection ability.

In fact, a study conducted in 2017 and published in the journal of Behavioral Brain Research justified that a wide range of video games actually make improvements of regions of the brain associated with memory.

You definitely should spend hours on games, trying to train your brain… you can explore other things and try to be productive at it.

Tip Number Six: Don’t Forget The Meditation

Meditation is extremely important and super effective.

In fact, it is so effective that a 2019 study published in the journal of Brain Sciences suggested that people who want to avoid mental mistakes should incorporate daily meditation in their schedule.

The practice of mediation is a form of exercise for the nervous system and this practice can positively affect one’s life in many ways.

An article published on the National Library of Medicine shows that meditation increases the amount of gray matter in the brain which contains neuron cells.

By practicing meditation and mindfulness, you get to abstract your mind from stress, focus on what matters, boost the way neurons fire in your brain, and just improve your brain and memory power.

It’s not super easy but you’ve got a few weeks.

So, why not start implementing these tips now and start making a difference with your cognitive skills.

Interested in getting more helpful tips? Then be sure to check our YouTube Videos, subscribe to the channel, turn on the notifications bell, and I’ll see you in the next one.

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