How To Improve Yourself

How To Improve Yourself – 7 Best Self-Improvement Ideas

So, How to improve yourself? what are the best self-improvement ideas? Let’s ride…

You know your life isn’t the way you want it.

Maybe it’s currently a mess and you are still stuck in that 9 to 5 job that you so greatly dislike.

And despite the significant pay from your current disliked job, you still end up being broke maybe due to a strip club or casino addiction.

Either way, things just aren’t in the right way you wanted them to be.

You aim to call it a quit but find it quite difficult to do so. Now you’re wondering, how do I get out of this mess?    

Well, there’s something we often ignore at all times but it’s a really important thing to do.

This is self-improvement.

Self-improvement involves the execution of actions that helps you, as an individual, to develop your capabilities, knowledge, status, personality, character, and other aspects of your life all through your own efforts in an attempt to make every facet of your life better.

The importance of self-improvement cannot be completely outlined; however, self-improvement allows for the development of those discipline and skills that will aid you in living your best life.

Self-improvement, put in basic terms, is a way to match up with your peers, become more productive with your life, and live every bit of it meaningfully.

But, how do you improve on yourself?

Welcome back again to Thriven Authority and as already discussed, today’s topic will be covering out on tips or call it ideas that can help with self-improvement.

So, why not let’s get started.


Tip Number One: Plan To Change

When we say plan to change, what are those thoughts that permeate your mind?

If one of them is about simply making the decision to change, then you are a bit on the right track.

However, where we seem to fail is that we make decisions and we stop there.

Deciding to improve your way of life isn’t just enough, you need to plan towards this improvement.

According to a 2005 Harvard Business Review research, it was discovered that 90% of those who actually make decisions fail to meet their specific targets.

The reason for this is because these people only stopped at the decision stage and failed to make plans on how to actually actualize their decision.

Take out a personal note or journal, think about realistic ways you can improve on yourself, write down the thoughts, and finally, develop an execution strategy and order on how you will implement those thoughts.

By making plans to change you become more in control while having a stronger will and higher sense of purpose.

Tip Number Two: Focus On A Few Actions Not All At Once

On the journey to self-improvement, the mistake most people make is that they try to do several things at once so as to become better as quickly as possible.

While the idea behind this is good, it is a terrible step to take as it doesn’t allow for any significant growth.

Instead, it leads to the individual feeling overwhelmed and eventually breaking down. Overhauling your entire life all at once is a completely bad idea.

The current state you are in, no matter bad, wasn’t achieved all at once, it was gradual. And it is in this same way that improving yourself to become better will follow.

According to the US National Safety Council, the need for the brain to optimize performance makes it impossible to do multiple things at once.

The attempt to do so only leads to failing to do anything at all. You made the plan, be gradual about the process.

Start with the first line of action and progress from there. By focusing of a few actions at a time, you get to implement changes faster and efficiently.

Tip Number Three: Reduce Your Home To Work Commute, If Possible

While this might not be a feasible idea for everyone, it is still necessary to understand the impact your home to work commute has on your personal life.

Traveling a long distance from home to work everyday has a very terrible effect on your mood.

According to two swiss economists who researched on the impact of home to work commute, they discovered that this experience can lead to a huge happiness drain.

You might be aware of this as your brain gets accustomed to the routine and somehow tries to compensate itself.

Most times, this compensation is achieved through you possessing a bigger house, an expensive car, and all.

By reducing your work-home distance, you get to experience an improve mood and sense of happiness.

Tip Number Four: Get Outside More Often

Self-improvement, in whatever way, starts from the brain which is why it is very important that you work on improving your brain’s functionality.

Fortunately, all it takes to benefit the brain is just spending a few hours outside.

Several researches have shown that spending time outside helps make us feel more alive while improving our physical and mental health.

By getting out of your comfort zone sometimes, you don’t just get to connect with the world, you also allow the spart of positivity to flow through you.

This alone is beneficial for self-improvement.

Tip Number Five: Spend More Time With Positive People

It as simple as saying that no one can do it alone perfectly.

One way or the other, we all need the help of others.

This help, depending on the scenario, can either be direct or indirect.

However, when it comes down to self-improvement, it is important that you get the direct help of others.

According to Daniel Gilbert, Harvard happiness expert, by interacting with positive people like good friends and families, you get to feel a sense of value and an increased level happiness.

By mingling more with them, you have a higher tendency of wanting to be like them.

Tip Number Six: Put Effort Into Helping Others

Before you can get a snack from a vending machine, you need to give it cash.

Before you can get profit from your business, you need to give it both your time and your money.

Essentially, giving out will lead to getting back. This action becomes even more profitable when you direct your giving toward helping others.

A study published in the Journal of Happiness showed that those who helped others felt happier about their life than ever.

You don’t always have to give in material things. Sometimes, showing a little care is enough.

Tip Number Seven: Find Yourself A Mentor

Sometimes, you will never know the reason for which you need something until you try it out.

Having a mentor goes beyond just having someone to give you guidance; instead, it’s about finding someone who has been through the process and really understand what it takes to self-improve.

According to a publication on the Graduate Mentoring Guidebook, University of Nebraska, mentors are important not just because you learn from them but because they support and facilitate your success.

A mentor will be there to serve as an Adderall in case you want to lose your way.

You could hire a mentor, of course this will cost you, or you can find free contents from mentors on social media platforms.

The best way to improve is by learning from already made mistakes.

Learning how beneficial self-improvement ideas have been fun but sadly, we have to come to an end here.

However, we’ve got more coming and if you will love to see them then be sure to check our YouTube Videos, subscribe to the channel, turn up that notifications bell, and don’t forget to share with others.

Thanks for watching.

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