How To Get Your Life Together

How To Get Your Life Together (6 Smart Tips)

So, how to get your life together? Let’s achieve it…

One way or the other, you’ve been noticing yourself having that constant feeling of helplessness, that feeling like everything is falling apart and that there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Maybe to you, your life feels like it is full of chaos and every day of your life is like a battle.

Or somehow you know that you are not living in a good or sensible way, not focused enough, and not really making any significant achievement.

If you happen to have these type of feelings or thoughts running through your cerebral system, then there’s that chance you don’t yet have your life together.

So, how do you change this and start getting your life together?

Well, welcome to Thriven Authority, in today’s topic we’ll be covering some proven tips that can help you get your life together.

The truth is, life is tough and there’s no denying that.

We all face several tribulations that take on different forms and we have to work hard to overcome them.

Although pain is certain, the concept of suffering is completely optional.

It is how well you put your life together that will influence how well you tackle challenges.

Whether it’s starting a career, building a family, or simply doing remarkable things, getting your life together will take work and attitude, nevertheless, here are a few tips that can help in the way.


Tip Number One: Stop Complaining, Just Be Grateful

Getting your life together is all about getting a better life and becoming a better version of yourself.

This, therefore, require that you leave be what has happened and focus on what is to come.

One of the bad habits most individuals have in life is complaining.

We complain a lot about everything happening to us, no matter how small it may be.

The habit of complaining is a bad one and it is something you need to do away with if you truly want to get your life together.

Rather than complain about things, why not be grateful of your current situation.

According to a white paper by Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkely, those who consciously counted what they are grateful for ending up with better physical and mental health.

Of course, you are not in the best position, however, know that yours is better than that of others.

By being more grateful you get to see the positive side of things, relate better with people, and live a better life.

Tip Number Two: Be More Proactive In Your Life Approach

So, you want to get your life together; you want to become a better version of yourself, while every other thing starts to fall in line, right?

Good! But do you just sit down in a spot for all these to instantiate themselves?

Absolutely no!

The mistake most people make in life is that they believe what will be for them will somehow always be.

However, this isn’t in any way true. Provided you want things to be different, you must be ready to take action, put in effort, and be versatile so as to adapt swiftly to changes.

Being proactive about your approach to life is essential for success in all ramifications.

In fact, according to Steven Covey in 1989, he said that those who end up with the best things are the good ones who try to seize the initiative to do the needful.

By becoming proactive about life, you learn to take responsibility for your actions and focus on things you can control.

Tip Number Three: Start Taking Responsibility

Realistically speaking, no one loves being sad, unhappy, or pain; however, these are life’s fundamentals and we just can’t do away with them.

Nevertheless, irrespective of the current situation you are going through, you need to learn to take responsibility for your problems and start taking steps to fix them.

The truth is… though you did not directly choose unhappiness, you are somehow responsible for it.

Everything that happens in our life is as a result of certain actions that we are a part of.

To truly get your life together, you need to stop blaming others and start accepting your failures.

According to WikiHow and, you can’t control everything that happens to you; however, you can define the way you react to these things thrown at you in life.

By taking responsibility, you become more in control of your life, get better at dealing with situations, and progress faster in life.

Tip Number Four: Let Go, Not Everything Can Be Controlled

Yes! You heard it right!

Some will work out right while some won’t.

When it doesn’t work according to your expectation, learn to know that it isn’t something you can control and that you need to let go of it.

The mistake you see people making is that they see these uncontrollable situations as weakness and don’t want to accept they are weak.

Know that it is very okay to acknowledge things that are out of your control rather than get yourself frustrated by them.

According to Psychology Today, mentally strong people are not afraid to accept weakness.

They simply believe it’s useless holding on to something beyond their fix and proceed to do something productive.

By learning to let go of what things are beyond your control, you get to learn from your mistakes, move forward faster, achieve more, and get life together.

Tip Number Five: Prioritize Organization

This isn’t just about keeping your work table neat and tidy or arranging your clothes properly in your closet.

This is about keeping everything about your life in order by making drastic changes that will yield significantly positive results.

Don’t be afraid to make changes when trying to organize your life.

In fact, continuous change is what organization is all about.

All you need to do is make small tactical changes that will compile to produce huge and mind-blowing differences.

According to Benjamin Franklin, for every minute you spend in organizing your life, you get an extra hour to do even more productive things.

Start by making plans and writing them down, define realistic schedules and deadlines, avoid procrastination, and focus on excellence, not perfection.

To learn more about how you can organize your life, check out our video titled “How to organize your life.”

Tip Number Six: Connect More With Positive People

Most people don’t know how much impact others have on them.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, the environment you dwell in has a certain impact on your life.

Take for example, if you work in a place where every employee has their dressing game on a top-level, you will also make efforts to become better at dressing up.

No one has to pressure you; your instinct alone will identify the oddness and force your brain to try to make things right.

For this reason, it is essential that you connect yourself with those that are positive about life.

Surprisingly, a 75-year Harvard Study also confirms that those with who you relate somehow have an impact on your happiness level.

By connecting more with those who add to you, you unconsciously and unconsciously become the best of yourself.

Steps, no matter how small, will eventually lead you to your destination.

Getting your life together won’t be a fast process but with consistency, you’ll finally get it right.

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