How To Build Self Discipline

How To Build Self Discipline (7 Proven Ways To Get Disciplined)

So, are you ready to know how to build self discipline? Let’s build it together!

Do you find yourself incapable of controlling the decisions you make even though you are still the one making the decisions?

This might sound strange but it totally isn’t.

Are you aware of what the right thing to do is but still can govern your mind to make the move of action as quickly as possible?

Do you find yourself lacking in your will power and unable to control yourself to stay motivated to your plans and decisions?

Or are you unable to build determination and resilience to keep working hard to achieve the long-term success you’ve always wanted?

Then one thing you definitely lack is self-discipline and it is essential that you cultivate such trait as it is essential for every life success.

Several important qualities and traits contribute to someone’s achievements and happiness but of all the qualities, only one can guarantee sustainable long-term success in ramifications of life and this quality is self-discipline.

Be it in your dieting, your work, your fitness activities, your relationships, or in your lifestyle in general, self-discipline is the priority trait you need to help maintain success and be happy.

But how do you use what you don’t have?

Easy, you start by building it. Now you might wonder, how do I build self-discipline?

Well, welcome Thriven Authority and today’s tips will be all about showing you the steps you need to take to start developing your own self-discipline.

If that sounds interesting, let’s get started.


Tip Number One: First, Know Your Weaknesses

Either big or small, many or few… one way or the other, we all have our weaknesses, things that make us vulnerable.

Weaknesses are the building blocks of the lack of self-discipline and they can be just the ordinary stuff like food, technology, science, fashion, lifestyle, and just about anything else.

Essentially, they are those things that you are addicted to and can’t just control your thirst for.

An example is someone who loves getting the latest fashion and just don’t know when to quit.

You know you need to start focusing on your goals and spending your money on doing better things but you are so addicted to fashion that you jump on the next trend immediately it’s out causing your resilience for your goals get weakened.

To fix this, you need to know your weaknesses and acknowledge your shortcoming.

Identify those things that make you loose track of your focus and only then is when you can learn to overcome it.

According to Dennis Yang, former CEO of Udemy, it is okay vulnerable as this opens the doors for others to help you along the way.

To start building self-discipline, you need to start by identifying those things that make you lose it initially.

Tip Number Two: Eliminate The Temptations

The first is to acknowledge that you lack self-discipline and identify those things that cause you to lose your will power.

These things are what we refer to as temptations.

Well, it becomes easy for you to build your self-control when you are far away from those things that cause you to lose it.

By eliminating all temptations and distractions from around you, you get to gain a better control over the things you do.

If you know social media is your weakness, then stay away from doing it until you’ve completed the most important things.

If you get distracted by fashion, then quit following fashion pages that might just tempt you more.

According to Tasha Rube from WikiHow, you can eliminate temptations by thinking about the long-term consequence attributed with it and by not giving yourself a choice.

By eliminating the temptation, your focus and discipline become greatly improved.

Tip Number Three: Encourage Yourself To Stick To The Plan

Now that you are dedicated to eliminating your temptations, several other tempting situations can arise and you need to encourage yourself in such situation to stick to your decision.

One way of encouraging yourself to stick to the plan you’ve made is by practicing self-affirmation.

Self-affirmation can help you become more self-disciplined when you starting losing out.

In fact, a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology affirms to this. There’s a difference between these two statements. The words “I can’t” creates a feedback loop that reminds you of your limitations but by using “I don’t”, you are telling yourself you don’t have to give in to the temptation.

Tip Number Four: Maintain Proper Nutrition

Don’t let this startle you but food really does play a part in building self-discipline.

A healthy diet is the best solution to keeping your brain functioning at a maximal level.

According to the American Psychological Association, a low level of blood sugar can weaken a person’s resolve.

This is of course very evident in the feeling you get when you are hungry.

When hungry, you brain lacks the ability to function properly and this causes your concentration to become misguided.

The lack of proper nutrition makes it very difficult to focus on the tasks that needs immediate attention.

In areas like fitness, work, relationship, and much more, lack of food makes it difficult to maintain self-discipline.

By maintain a proper nutrition with the intake of foods high in fiber, you help your sugar level stay steady and in check.

According to Mayo Clinic, the intake of such food content creates the sense of fullness and can even help you fight temptations that are related to food.

Tip Number Five: Know That Obstacles Are A Part Of Success

The first rule of success in life is that nothing comes easy.

The moment you put this in mind, everything else becomes not so frustrating.

In your journey to building your self-discipline, you need to understand that there will always be setbacks but these setbacks are a part of the process.

There might be days when you will give in to the temptations of your weaknesses, feel sober for these but don’t drown in it… pick yourself up and try to learn from the experience.

According to Randy Pausch, The brick walls are there to give us the chance to show how badly we want something.”

The obstacles are there to show you how much you want to build the self-discipline; it is never easy, if it were, then everyone would do it. So, when you encounter failure, just keep going.

Tip Number Six: Change Your View Of Your Will Power

How resilient do you think you can be? What you think about yourself affects what you make out of yourself.

If you believe you have a very low level of will power, then you most likely won’t go beyond that level.

Your mind adapts to the limitations you create.

Research conducted by researchers from Stanford University also affirms that the amount of willpower an individual possesses is based on what that individual believe they have.

If you ensure not to limit your self-discipline, then you won’t exhaust it before reaching your goals.

Remove subconscious limitations and affirm to yourself that you are strong enough to realize your goals.

Tip Number Seven: Give Yourself Credit For Your Progress

You’ve come this far means you can go even farther.

To boost your motivation to go even farther, try rewarding yourself.

When you give yourself a reason to keep going, then you will accomplish more even faster.

According to an article by Deep Patel from, motivation is necessary for success. Set rewards for each milestone you reach in your journey to self-discipline.

These rewards create anticipation which pushes you to stay resilient and focused.

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