Celery Smoothie for Losing Weight

Celery Smoothie for Weight Loss

This simple celery juice weight loss recipe is not only incredibly tasty but also offers numerous health benefits.

For optimal results, consume 16 ounces of straight celery juice on an empty stomach daily, both in the morning and at night.

This regimen helps harness the full spectrum of health benefits, and we provide handy tips for making green juices using either a blender or a juicer, saving you a significant amount compared to store-bought alternatives.

The recent surge in popularity of celery juice is well-deserved, given its remarkable attributes.

Serving as an instant celery juice weight loss solution, it not only aids in shedding pounds but also provides an array of health advantages, from warding off chronic illnesses and heart disease to bolstering the immune system and serving as a natural energy booster, sans caffeine.

For optimal results, it’s advisable to consume plain celery juice without any additional ingredients like lime or lemon juice.


Why You Should Have This Celery Juice Recipe Into Your Routine:

  • Cost-Effective Homemade Option:

Crafting celery juice at home is far more economical than purchasing pre-made versions from grocery stores.

By utilizing either a juicer or blender, you can whip up this nutritious drink without breaking the bank.

  • Accessible for Everyone:

Lack a juicer? No problem! This delectable celery juice recipe provides detailed instructions for preparing it using a blender, ensuring accessibility for all.

If you’re in the market for a juicer, the Breville juicer comes highly recommended.

  • Promotes Weight Loss and Digestive Health:

This juice is a favorite among weight loss enthusiasts for its ability to enhance digestive function and facilitate weight loss.

Regular consumption aids in reducing acid reflux, alleviating indigestion, and enhancing overall digestive well-being.

  • Medicinal Properties of Celery:

Celery boasts remarkable medicinal and therapeutic properties, making it a valuable addition to your daily diet.

Rich in antioxidants and belonging to the apiaceae family, celery offers a plethora of health benefits, ranging from antioxidant-rich properties to promoting digestive health and beyond.


Kitchen Tools:

High-speed blender, such as Vitamix



– 1 medium-sized rib of celery, washed and diced

– 1 handful of spinach, washed

– 1 tablespoon chia seeds

– 1 cup frozen banana slices

– 1/2 green apple, cored and diced

– 1 cup almond milk



  1. Wash and dice the celery and apple.
  2. Wash the spinach and gather the remaining ingredients.
  3. Set aside prepared ingredients.
  4. Using a high-speed blender or Nutribullet.

Celery Smoothie for Weight Loss

Health Benefits of Celery Smoothie

Celery is hailed as the superfood of all mankind, offering an array of benefits for overall health and wellness. Some of the incredible benefits of celery juice include:

– Cardiovascular Health: Celery juice has been shown to reduce glucose, blood lipids, and high blood pressure, potentially preventing cardiovascular diseases.

– Liver Health: It aids in combating jaundice and liver diseases, promoting optimal liver function.

– Urinary Tract Health: Celery juice helps in preventing urinary tract obstruction, ensuring proper urinary system function.

– Relief from Rheumatic Disorders: It can alleviate symptoms of rheumatic disorders and gout, providing relief from inflammation and pain.

– Respiratory Health: Celery juice offers benefits for bronchitis and asthma sufferers, aiding in respiratory health.

– Skin Health: Its antioxidant properties contribute to clearer skin and combat chronic skin disorders.

– Digestive Support: Celery juice aids in digestion, relieves discomfort from indigestion, and promotes overall digestive health.

– Antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory: It exhibits antifungal and antibacterial properties, fighting off harmful microbes and reducing inflammation in the body.

– Antioxidant Protection: Celery juice is rich in antioxidants, scavenging free radicals and protecting against oxidative stress.

– Weight Management: Incorporating celery juice into your diet may promote weight loss by boosting metabolism and aiding in digestion.


Benefits of Drinking Celery Weight Loss Juice on an Empty Stomach

Drinking 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning and at night can provide numerous benefits, including:

– Optimal Digestion: Celery juice is efficiently absorbed by the body without the need to break down fibers, ensuring optimal digestion and absorption of nutrients.

– Metabolic Boost: Consuming celery juice jumpstarts the metabolism, promoting weight loss and overall well-being.

– Healthier Skin: Regular consumption of celery juice can result in clearer skin and improved complexion.

– Enhanced Immunity: Celery juice acts as an antioxidant and immunity booster, protecting against illnesses and promoting overall health.

– Respiratory Relief: It may provide relief from asthma symptoms and promote respiratory health.

– Improved Sleep: Celery juice consumption has been associated with better sleep quality and overall sleep patterns.

– Liver Detoxification: Regular intake of celery juice supports liver function and aids in detoxification, promoting overall liver health.

– Reduced Inflammation: Celery juice exhibits anti-inflammatory properties, reducing inflammation throughout the body and alleviating discomfort.

– Rheumatoid Arthritis Relief: Celery juice may alleviate symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, providing relief from pain and inflammation.

– Overall Well-being: Celery juice supports holistic health, contributing to improved digestion, clearer skin, and enhanced vitality.

Incorporating celery juice into your daily routine can lead to transformative health benefits and promote a happier, healthier lifestyle.

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