Best Flat Belly Workout for Smaller Waist

Best Flat Belly Workout for Smaller Waist

What Does It Take to Get a Flat Stomach in a Month? A flat stomach in a month necessitates time, effort, and a few lifestyle changes, but it is entirely possible if you are determined! 

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The best method is to lose total body fat through a nutrient-rich diet and regular calorie-burning exercise

A chiseled six-pack stomach in just one month might not be feasible, but you can easily follow a healthy lifestyle that will visibly flatten your belly and put you on the road to realizing your fitness goals!

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9 Best Flat Belly Workout for Smaller Waist

  1. Three-in-One Toning Exercises

Enough of wasting time with exercises that target only one muscle group! This exercise circuit designed by certified trainer and fitness expert Jessica Smith will make your whole body work, sculpting lean muscle in your abs, glutes, and legs at the same time.

Do do it, you don’t need any equipment; just your body and a small space on the floor.

So Let’s get to it:

Perform 15 reps of all exercises listed below in sequence with no rest between them. After you complete the last exercise, repeat the entire circuit two more times, making a total of three rounds.

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  1. Rear Leg Raise and Hip Circle


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  1. Side Lunge with Side Crunch

Stand on your right foot and interlock your hands behind your head. Extend your left leg backward, and raise and stretch it as high as possible without bending your body forward. 

To lean your leg in front of you, tense your abdominal muscles.

Do the following procedure slowly: bend your knee and bring it back. Move your right to your left knee, which is moving in a circle to coordinate the movements of your upper body and retain the balance.

Your leg should be extended back again, and the floor should not be touched as you reach it to avoid falling. 

The leg will be brought to you 15 times, and the procedure distributed in 15 repetitions. Open the other one in the same way.

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  1. Plank Heel Push

Commence in a modified plank stance, balancing on your forearms with your body forming a straight line from shoulders to ankles.

Engage your core by contracting your abdominal muscles as though bracing for impact.

Bend your left leg, curling your heel toward your body while keeping your foot flexed. Tighten your inner thighs and bring your knees together.

Push your left heel upward toward the ceiling, elevating your left knee approximately six inches above the right.

Return your knees together, maintaining the bend in your left knee, and continue to engage your inner thighs.

Complete 15 repetitions with your left leg before switching to the right for another set of 15 reps.

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Best Flat Belly Workout for Smaller Waist and Lose Belly Fat Fast

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  1. Cross-Legged Sit-Up

Lie on the floor, legs straightened and arms extended in front of you, palms touching each other. The right leg should be put over the left one and your toes should be stretched.

Tighten your abs and lean back at 45 degrees but do not touch your hips on the floor.

Try to sit up and uplift your right hand as if you are going to touch the toes of your right foot.

After that lean back taking the initial position without unclenching your abs.

Repeat 15 times with the right leg staying over and after changing the legs do it 15 times more.

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  1. Tabletop Hip Dip

Sit with your knees bent, heels pressed to the floor, feet hip-width apart – your hands should be placed behind your hips with fingers pointing inward. 

Pressing through the heels and hands and keeping your hips up, lift them so they form a straight line with both legs. 

While keeping your body raised, twist your hips until the right one lightly touches the ground, and twist the upper body in the other direction.

At that point, return to the initial position. Use your buttocks to lift the body and make sure that your joints do not produce the sounds. 

Repeat the exercise fifteen times, twisting and lifting the hips one way and then the other.

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  1. Scissor Cross Crunch

Lie face-up with legs extending over your hips, toes pointing, and hands behind your head.

Open your legs into a straddle, ensuring you have control so as not to arch excessively through your lower back.

Squeeze the inner thigh to bring the legs back together, then cross your left leg over the right while lifting your head and shoulders off the floor.

Place the head down and come back to the straddle position. Cross right 15 times and left 15 times equally.

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  1. Side Plank Rainbow

For the main one, you have to start with a side plank where the upper part of the body is supported by your right elbow and forearm, with the left hand staying in the back of your head. 

The core should be tensed as if you were bracing for a hit. The upper leg should be extended and taken slightly higher than the hip level. 

While holding planks perfectly, you need to perform a sort of a ‘rainbow’ move throughout your upper leg: tap your foot to the floor exactly in front of your bottom leg, then reverse the movement to tapping above the hip, and finally go a little bit behind the bottom leg. 

I would suggest doing 15 rounds on either side.

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  1. Rear Lunge Cross Crunch

The alternative one should be started while standing up straight with the feet together, and both hands behind the head. 

Take a large step to move your right leg back and make a rear lunge, then twist your upper body to make a cross crunch right then and there. 

The important part of the crunch is to make sure your upper right ribs should be touched to your left hip.

Return to the starting position and repeat for 15 reps on each side.

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