Apple and Strawberry Smoothie

Apple Strawberry Smoothie for Weight Loss

You don’t require a high-powered blender to whip up this fruity and hydrating apple strawberry smoothie designed for weight loss.

With just five simple ingredients and five minutes of your time, you can create this flavorful snack, rich in antioxidants.

The frozen strawberries and applesauce in this concoction offer sweetness without the need for added white sugar.

Whether savored as a shake or enjoyed with a spoon akin to a frozen dessert, this strawberry apple smoothie promises delightful flavors!


Benefits of Apple Strawberry Smoothie

Why this apple smoothie recipe? Because this recipe has a few key reasons why that makes it unique in my eyes:

Vegetarian and Vegan:  Make this an apple strawberry dessert smoothie vegan when you replace dairy milk with plant-based milk.

Gluten-Free:  This smoothie is a gluten-free recipe, a good fit for sufferers with Celiac Disease as well as non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS).

Hydrating:  Smoothies Are A Great Option To Keep Us Hydrated, Because Due To All The Water They Contain. Whip up this delicious apple and strawberry smoothie whenever you need a refreshing, soothing drink.

Banana-Free:  Many smoothies use bananas as a way to add some natural sweetness however, this strawberry and apple smoothie is a great go-to recipe if you are not a fan of bananas.

Healthy Breakfast or Snack:  This rich-tasting, calcium-packed smoothie is ideal for any dieter or individual wanting to freshen the diet.

Delicious:  Last but not least, it is so good that this smoothie is AMAZING and a quick household favorite. Most picky eaters, kids included, love this delicious smoothie recipe.


Ingredients for Apple Strawberry Smoothie

Here’s what you need to prepare apple strawberry smoothies:

– Frozen unsweetened applesauce (frozen in ice cube trays)

– Chopped frozen strawberries


Vanilla extract


Maple syrup (optional; opt for sugar-free syrup to keep the smoothie free of added sugars)


How to Make Apple Strawberry Smoothie

Apple and Strawberry Smoothie for Weight Loss

Let’s dive into making these smoothies! Simply combine the frozen applesauce, strawberries, milk, vanilla, and Cardamom in a food processor. Blend until smooth.

Taste the smoothie. Is it sweet enough for your liking?

If not, add some maple syrup or sugar-free syrup and blend again. One to satisfy the sweet lover and one to suit the not so sweet fan!

Serve the smoothie poured into the tall glasses with oversized straws or a spoon. Hopefully, you and your family love this delicious little treat as much as we do!


How Long Does A Fruit Smoothie Last In The Refrigerator?

A store-bought smoothie that you get to take home and keep in the fridge will likely come out of the fridge with a separation of some of the ingredients that came out of the smoothie, and the smoothie itself may become a bit chunky/not creamier.

So, instead of using my leftovers in a bowl, I made a smoothie which is why I suggest you pour the leftover smoothie into molds and pop it in the freezer to make popsicles. This will enable you to munch on the leftovers anytime you feel like taking a refreshing snack.


Are Smoothies Good For Weight Loss?

Smoothies can be part of your weight loss journey if prepared with whole blended fruits and vegetables, unsweetened milk or yogurt, and minimal (or no) added sugar.


How To Make Apple Strawberry Smoothie Without Milk?

You can create this apple strawberry smoothie without milk by using an alternative liquid. However, you may need to adjust the sweetness accordingly.

For instance, if you opt for apple juice instead of milk, you might skip the maple syrup. Plain yogurt, being more tart than milk, may require additional sweetening if used as a substitute.


What Fruits Should You Avoid Putting In A Smoothie?

Simply, if you can blend it, you can cook it in smoothies, like Avocado! But avoid dried fruits such as currants or dried apricots as they may not mix well because of their texture.


Should You Peel The Apple For Smoothies?

If you are using an entire apple in a smoothie, you will want to core the apple and chop the skin off before blending. Not all blenders or food processors will be able to completely puree apple peels.



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