Almond Banana smoothies for losing weight

Almond Banana Smoothie for Weight Loss

Nutritious Banana-Almond Smoothie (makes a good, healthy breakfast) Ingredients for 2 serves

A flavorful snack that people relish is Smoothies, but some find it to be bland either because they don’t want to gain extra weight or they go into a frenzy thinking wrong things about what is bad and good for their well-being.

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But it’s all about the filling ingredient you opt to keep:

In fact, smoothies can bring amazing health benefits through the ingredients. So, in this recipe, you can imagine the perfectly nutritious mash-up of bananas and almonds. Still skeptical?

This Banana Almond Smoothie contains two amazing ingredients that warrant closer examination, for which we will do so here!



What Benefits Do Bananas And Almonds Offer?

More is here to tell you that bananas are not only delicious but also contain many vital nutrients our bodies need for us to thrive.

– Vitamin C: Vitamin C in banana peel also plays a protective role for the body against cell and tissue damage.

Vitamin C also helps produce collagen, necessary for the elasticity of the skin and solid bone as well as supporting skeletal framework.

– Brain Health: Bananas help to produce serotonin which is a hormone that affects our sleep cycles, moods, and stress levels.

A medium banana supplies about 13% of your everyday manganese needs.

If this– banana-almond smoothie recipe — can be your breakfast, then in other words you have the power of health conservation. How To Make Roadhouse Meal At Home Easy

Everyone loves a good smoothie, but few people take time to include them in their daily routes because of the fear that they will contribute to weight gain or simply knock you off track in terms of eating healthy.

However, what if we informed you all of it is determined by the factors?

That’s right! The ingredients that you use in smoothies can be super healthy. In that case, we have the combination of banana + almonds 1. Still skeptical?

We are going to find out what these two ingredients hide in the wonders they offer with the banana-almond smoothie.

Next, onto the banana-almond smoothie!

This simple, warming breakfast (or sustenance) staple is a great addition to your morning eating routine when you prepare for it.

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Here’s Our Recipe For A Refreshing Banana-almond Smoothie, Boasting Approximately 150 Calories Per Serving.


– 2 medium frozen bananas

– 2 tablespoons almond butter (blend almonds with a tablespoon of olive oil)

– 4 tablespoons flax seeds (optional)

– 1 cup almond milk, yogurt, or regular milk

– Drizzle of honey or maple syrup (optional)



  1. Place the frozen bananas, almond butter, flax seeds, honey (if using), and milk or yogurt into a blender. Blend until smooth and creamy.
  2. Pour the mixture into a glass and serve chilled. Enjoy this nutritious treat to kickstart your day!

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Almond Banana smoothies for weight loss

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Is It Advisable To Freeze Almond Milk For Smoothies?

I would advise against freezing almond milk as it tends to separate and change texture upon thawing.


How Many Calories Does An Almond Milk Smoothie Contain?

This almond milk smoothie yields approximately 472 calories per serving.

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How Much Almond Milk Should Be Used in A Smoothie?

I typically include 1/2 cup of almond milk in each smoothie. For a thicker consistency, reducing the amount to 1/4 cup of almond milk is recommended.


What Are The Benefits of Using Almond Milk in A Smoothie?

As for ingredients, almond milk is also a favorite because it has fewer calories than coconut milk, soy milk, or 2% cow’s milk. 

Almond milk has more calcium than cow and coconut milk!


Can Frozen Fruit Be Added to This Smoothie?

Indeed! To make a banana berry smoothie, replace ice cubes with one cup of frozen strawberries.

And because of one, strawberry you do not need to use: honey.



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