5 Best Gym Leggings

6 Best Gym Leggings for Any Type of Workout

Are you looking for a fabulous new pair of gym leggings to upgrade your wardrobe, however the scannable stage in which we shopping now?

Well, don’t worry. Luckily, we’ve put in all the work for you and tried out many of these leggings in our own workouts to best recommend what’s worth investing in.

Whether you’re all about those hardcore HIIT sessions, yoga flows or just lifting weights as much as possible we’ve found a gadget for it.

An outstanding selection for the high-waist collection is Lululemon’s Adapt leggings. They are ultra-comfortable and flexible, assisting you in your downward dogs like a professional!

Another favorite of ours is the Sweaty Betty Power High Waisted Gym Leggings, perfect for a run. They have lots of pockets to store everything you need like your keys or phone, even your gym card.

Pro tip: available in all manner of prints and colors, you can tout your signature style as you crush those fitness goals.

Keen to know a little more about our recommendations and why we think they make the grade in this guide to the best gym leggings? Read on, then!


Top 6 Best Gym Leggings for Any Workouts

The Gym People Thick High Waist Yoga Pant

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Looking for high-quality leggings on a budget? Allow us to introduce you to the pair from The Gym People.

Take it from Amazon customers, who’ve made The Gym People’s high-waisted bottoms one of the most popular pairs of yoga pants for working out Add to that a price of under $30 for most models, and many users say they rival pricier (and often high-end) brands.

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✯ Pros:

  • Incredibly comfortable.
  • Feature: Premium Quality.
  • Affordable price.
  • Inclusive size range.
  • Available in 40 colors.



  • Some reviewers complain about the fabric being hit-or-miss.
  • Slight color difference between the pictures.

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ODODOS Women's High Waisted Yoga Leggings

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The most popular and highly-rated leggings on Amazon are ODODOS’ Yoga Leggings. Impressing leg and cardio daygoers, this model offers a soft and stretchy fabric.

They fit perfectly and do not shift, slide, or gape at the waist. The company managed to find a perfect balance between suitable stretch and shape retention.

With their deep bonus pockets on the sides that would safely store your phone, keys, wallet, or protein bar, and a hidden inner front pocket within their high-rise double-line waistline, these leggings can support you through any training session.

Both low and high-impact workouts are suitable for this model.

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  • Suitable for petite wearers with a 3/4 length.
  • No sheerness and underwear lines.
  • Fast to dry and moisture-wicking fabric.
  • A high-rise, compressive waistband.
  • Soft, buttery material for added flexibility.



  • Crotch area fabric is prone to pilling after prolonged use.

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Beyond Yoga High Waisted Capri Legging

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These petite-friendly capri leggings from Beyond Yoga have a 3/4 length that fits perfectly low on the calf.

While testing Beyond Yoga Spacedye Walk and Talk Leggings, we have not experienced any sheerness or underwear lines.

This model has not become sheer even when performing heavy bending and squatting. Notably, the fabric has proven itself with time, remaining opaque after many washes.

It also provided great moisture-wicking and quick-drying results, helping me to avoid a sticky and damp sensation even in the hottest weather.

What is more, we love the high-rise 5-inch waistband with compressive features that ensure flattering smoothing without moving off.

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  • Exceptionally soft and stretchy fabric.
  • A solid waistband for supported wear during use.
  • Suitable for all-day wear.



  • The material of crotch may pill after some time.

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5 Best Gym Leggings for Any Type of Workout


FlipBelt Women's Mid-Weight Leggings

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For the avid runner or always-on-the-go mom, leggings with plenty of storage space are always a good idea.

Available from FlipBelt, these workout pants have two side pockets and one back zipper pocket available for use.

In addition to the pocket options, the waistband offers 360-degree storage, so massage your essentials into the entire belt.

We put these leggings to the test and found that the waistband remained in place no matter which activities were taking place.

Our phones, snacks, and keys did not move an inch and stayed securely in our pockets.

They get top marks for being completely opaque, permitting the wearer to put them on over their favorite workout underwear.

The thickness and sturdiness were the only criticisms, with it being possible to overheat if the weather is too warm.

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✯ Pros:

  • Comfortable, secure waistband.
  • Suitable for all activities.
  • Plenty of storage options.


✯ Cons:

  • Too thick for hot weather.

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Colorfulkoala Women's High Waisted Yoga Pants

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The Colorfulkoala win our top five ranking for their incredible comfort, designed from the brand’s lightweight buttery leggings, they feel barely there.

These leggings are not just for yoga, they’re versatile enough to suit any workout, and the comfort of them means you’ll find yourself lounging in them every chance you get too.

It had a super-flattering high-rise waist that wasn’t too tight but didn’t roll down when we moved, and it came in so many style options: multiple colors, patterns and rises on the waist; varied lengths on the leg. Nonetheless, testers did notice more pilling with prolonged use.

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  • Luxuriously smooth fabric.
  • Great for losing or doing anything.
  • Wide variety of colors and patterns.



  • Pilling observed in some testers after extended use.

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Leggings Depot Women's High Waist Leggings

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Leggings, in particular, can get really expensive—and when you shop at budget leggings look no further than this affordable Amazon pair.

A hit on Amazon, with over 43,000 reviews and customers consistently raving about how comfortable they are and opaque too!

Although this might not be the best pick for a workout, it is excellent to wear on an everyday basis or even around the house.

Most leggings range in neutral shades, as they should be versatile, but this pair comes in 35 different color options, like neon green and Fuschia if you feel like going a bit wackier.

The only thing to bear in mind is these leggings do not have a gusset (an extra piece of fabric sewn into the crotch), so they may ride up more than other ones.

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  • Comfortable for lounging.
  • Available in 35 colors.
  • Priced from only $15.



  • Not suitable for exercise.

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What To Look For When Buying The Best Workout Leggings?


  • How They Fit

Body People have significantly different body shapes, and you want leggings that flatter yours.

Choose a pair that keeps you comfortable while working out. Note if the fabric is thick enough to keep from being see-through if it’s stretched.

  • Style

Some are black, some have pockets for your phone and your keys, some are tight and short or tight and cropped.

Flared leggings are also back. Choosing a style you like will make you not only feel, but look better working out.

  • Length

Length is another essential aspect. Many leggings can be made ankle-length, but it falls is full-length as well.

Depending on how tall you are, you may need to look for a “short” model to avoid rolling your trousers at your ankle.

  • Features and Material

Different leggings are equipped with various features which serve various needs. Some are designed to be cool, others have sweat-wicking technology, and some are just stretchy so as to keep a perfect shape.

Consider what workout you have planned and which of those features are the most important.

For instance, weight lifters will require some extra thickness and unsee-through material, while runners will need some quick-dry technology to stay cool and dry.


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