5 Simple Flat Belly Workout to Get a Slim Belly

5 Simple Flat Belly Workout to Get A Slim Waist

While it’s true that losing belly fat is hard, having the right diet plan and making the right sports at a constant basis would bring you a lot closer to the goal of acquiring a flat belly. 

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However, it’s necessary to note that such a transformation is not going to happen any day soon. What you’ll need to achieve positive results is patience and perseverance and sometimes even making some lasting changes in your lifestyle. 

That’s why if you finally think that now is the time to start working on the slim waist you’ve been dreaming about for a long while, now is the time to do that, time to aim at your abdominal muscles and manage to strengthen them to describe them in the right way. 

The good news is that this article allows you to follow our most thoughtful tips, which can be included in your training program or made a part of other activities designed to burn fat from other parts of the body. 

Read on to learn more about the best exercises for your waistline and natural supplements to reach a desired waist size.

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5 Effective Exercises for A Flat Belly

Below are some effective core workouts to strengthen and flatten your abs simultaneously.

Note: Prior to starting these stomach-slimming exercises, ensure you warm up adequately to prevent injuries.

  1. Cardio and HIIT

Cardio/Aerobics and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) are Fat-Burning components. It is important to remember to strive for body fat loss in general to therefore lose the belly fat.

Continuing the theme of core training will help you to shape the muscles and make your body look thinner. 

Run, jog, jump the rope or a box, make some squat jumps and staircase running, perform a set of high knees, and do some jumping lounges and burpees. Swimming, Zumba or just dancing or any kind of sport will also be useful.

Don’t forget to bring equipment, such as a Swiss ball or resistance bands.

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  1. Reverse Crunch

How to Perform:

– Positioning yourself lying on the floor with your legs bent and arms beside your body, fingers aligned toward your feet, and lifting your feet off the floor with toes moving away from your body. 

– Once your feet are lifted, exhale while gently lifting your hips off the floor and contracting your core while also bringing your knees toward your head, as your head and neck should not leave the floor. 

– To complete the movement, you should inhale and slowly lower your hips back to the floor. 

– You should try to aim for three sets of 8-12 reps.

Note: After completing reverse crunches, you can try bicycle crunches for a variation.

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  1. V Sit-Up

How to Perform:

– This occurs when an individual is lying on a mat with their arms reaching overhead. 

– The individual should lift their legs and arms off the mat. Simultaneously, the individual should position their bodies while sitting with a V shape formed.

– Maintain balance on the buttocks and tailbone with the arms outstretched in front. Slowly go back to the initial position. 

– 3 sets of V-sit exercises and 8-12 reps in each shall be sufficient. 

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  1. Plank With Opposite Arm And Leg Raise

How to Perform:

– Start with a push-up position and support your body on the palms and the toes, ensuring the back is straight, and the head and neck are aligned. 

– Lower the body onto the forearms, while the other position of the body should remain the same. 

– Curl the fists inwards, make sure the upper arm forms a 90-degree angle with the lower arm, and place the elbows directly under the shoulders. 

– Lift the right leg off the floor so that the leg is fully extended and parallel to the floor.

– Lift your left arm straight in front of you, pointing your fingers toward the wall. Continue to lie on your left leg and right arm to support the position. 

– Keep your extended left leg, left arm, and back straight while balancing the core. 

– Hold the position for 10 seconds before returning to the prone position and then repeating the other fleet. Three sets of eight repeaters are the goal. 

Note: For those interested in trying pilates for abs, the bird dog exercise is worth exploring.

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  1. Thread The Needle

How to Perform:

– Lying on the left side with the left forearm propped up to the left side, the left arm’s wrist is directly under the shoulder. 

– Lifting the hips off the floor, ensuring that the lower legs are bent back and the right leg falls over the left leg, placing the right arm on the right hip.

– Raise your right arm, keeping it stretched straight up above you. Look up at your hand while maintaining contact from your right forearm to your left elbow. 

– Bring the right arm down and under the left armpit, resembling a needle thread. Feel the twist across your side and your abs as you stretch, preventing any tension in the neck or shoulders.

– Return to the starting position and perform eight reps on this side before switching to the other. Do 3 sets. 

Note: When attempting oblique exercises for the first time, proceed with caution and perform the movements slowly.

If you do these exercises every day for 30 minutes, you will see the first results within two weeks. However, it is helpful not to ignore your diet either. Below, you can read five easily followed diet tips for a flat belly.

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Why Losing Belly Fat Is Crucial?

Men and women sport big bellies solely for aesthetic purposes, without realizing that excess abdominal fat or a significant midsection is a significant contributory risk factor for heart disease. 

The accumulation of fat around the belly area is worse in terms of health risks compared to fat increased in hips and thighs. 

First, it may escalate levels of harmful LDL cholesterol, disrupt blood sugar levels, heighten blood pressure, and increase the likelihood of suffering a heart attack. 

Second, tightening the belly not only improves your physical appearance by making you look slimmer, more proportionate, and taller, but it also enhances your appeal. 

Third, while men typically accumulate too much fat in their midsection, women generally have more of it in their hips and thighs due to distinctions in hormones.

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Can You Achieve a Flat Belly through Home Workouts?

Of course, yes! You can get a flat belly at your home.

Mentioned exercises can help you to get the most out of it. For example, mountain climbers, flutter kicks, and crunches for lower abs, whereas for upper abs, it is Russian twists, dead bugs, and hollow holds. 

You can also refer to the list of superfoods for weight loss and find additional belly exercises with pictures. Just make sure you do it properly.

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How Soon Can You Attain a Flat Belly After Pregnancy?

Be patient, and better ask a doctor about what time you can start a hard workout after pregnancy. 

I would start with yoga or any workout that helps you stretch your body. Once you feel it’s more comfortable for you, you can start adding some light cardio like walking. 

Later you will feel able to do cardio, HIIT workouts, and other exercises that will help you manage your tummy.

Besides, you can do workouts to cure diastasis recti. The time taken to get noticeable results is about 4-5 months. 

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Does Drinking Hot Water with Lemon Aid in Belly Fat Reduction?

There is no scientific evidence to support this, but warm water with lime helps reduce body fat.


Does Sleeping on Your Stomach Flatten Your Belly?

No, sleeping on your stomach does not lead to a flatter abdomen.

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How Long Does It Take to Shed Belly Fat?

Persons can make a change and start losing belly fat in 2 weeks if they eat a balanced diet, work out regularly, and get enough sleep, according to Peddjoe.

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Why Aren’t My Abs Getting Toned?

Poor dietary choices, as well as factors such as lifestyle and exercise habits, can cause a high body fat percentage, which can make achieving toned abs impossible. 

Implementing positive lifestyle changes that include proper diet, regular exercise and more can reduce the percentage of body fat to a healthy range that can vary from 10% to 18%.


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