5 Best Yoga & Exercise Mats for Workout

5 Best Yoga and Exercise Mats for Workout

Yoga is a suitable exercise for grounding your sanity and attempting to relieve stress at the same time.

Since it does not require a lot of space and only a few materials, it is possible to perform yoga at your place.

Essentially, the only piece of material you need is a pad to sit on. However, choosing a mat with a good grip and cushioning is critical for your yoga practice, your balance, the prevalence of falls, and your overall experience of yoga.

The quality of your mat largely determines the comfort and safety of your training.

The process of picking a perfect yoga mat might feel overwhelming, but there is no need to worry, as we have done the research on the many available on the market and thus present you with the top ones based on customer satisfaction and brand recognition.

The list of the best yoga mats available will assist you before you attend a class or open your at-home studio.

We will keep updating the list as we review more products, ensuring that you are presented with the finest options.


5 Best Yoga and Exercise Mats for Workout

  1. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

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If you are a regular yogi seeking to invest in your love for practice, you have probably heard of Manduka’s PRO Yoga Mat.

Regarded as a high-quality mat by the most dedicated of yogis and teachers with great reason. Well, our tests showed that it does.

Although the Manduka PRO is widely regarded for not being grippy until it goes through a breaking-in period, we found that ours provided solid stickiness from the get-go.

The recommendation to use a yoga towel was in our opinion unnecessary and it put us off slightly as some other mats (like the Manduka EKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat) stay grippy without needing any additional help from an accessory.

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Available in two lengths

Lifetime guarantee






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  1. IUGA Pro Non-Slip Yoga Mat

IUGA Pro Yoga Mat Non Slip Hot Yoga Mat

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Most natural rubber mats are heavy, but the IUGA Pro Non-Slip Yoga Mat weighs a more cary-friendly 2.2 pounds (the manufacturer listed it as 2.8 pounds, but our lab found otherwise).

You can easily take it from the studio or gym with its carrying strap too, so no practicality is lost.

On the other hand, due to its lightweight, it also does not lie perfectly flat out of the box as some with heavier mats. It only allowed us to score it a 2 out of 5 when unboxing.

That said, the 5-millimeter-thick IUGA mat was one of the grippiest mats we tried. It also aced our sweat test, so it’s a great option for hot yogis too.

It is also worth commenting on the odorless claims for this mat by the manufacturer; however, we noticed some rubbery smell while performing Child’s pose.

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✯ Pros


Includes carrying strap

Available in five colors


✯ Cons

It may not lay completely flat right away due to it being rolled up.

Shows stains and dirt

Lingering chemical odor

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  1. Jade Yoga Harmony Yoga Mat

JadeYoga Harmony Yoga Mat Durable & Thick Gym Fitness Mat

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Why we like it: Whether you’re into hot yoga, or just a sweater — then Jade Yoga’s Harmony Yoga Mat is our top pick It provides a nice cushion without being too soft.

This material allows the natural rubber to absorb sweat, which increases grip through every workout.

At almost 5 pounds, this Jade mat lies completely flat in the box. Sleeping Space (3): Unlike many others in Europe, this is not an ultralight mat but also far from being a heavyweight one, so we give it 4 out of 5 for portability.

It doesn’t have a carrying bag or strap, but it can easily be rolled up and taken from home to the studio.

Jade Yoga also plants a tree for every mat sold, therefore helping our environment too. It measures only 68 inches but is available in three different lengths, from 68 to 74 inches.

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Available in three lengths

Rolls up tightly

Jade Yoga — plants a tree with every mat they sell



Lingering rubber smell

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5 Best Yoga and Exercise Mats for Workout


  1. Liforme Original Yoga Mat

Liforme Original Yoga Mat

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The primary feature that sets the Liforme mat apart from others is its polyurethane top layer, which has an alignment guide printed onto it.

As much as this is a pro during studio classes, its efficacy becomes even more evident when you are at home and without the safety net of a yogi who will give proper direction.

A tiny guidebook included in the carrying bag adds to this and helps with alignment which means you can launch straight away.

The long and wide dimensions of the mat offer sufficient space to move through a dynamic flow, while also accommodating full-body stretching.

Optimal cushioning and support were found in testing at the 4.2-millimeter thickness. It also features a grippy, stabile surface either in the rain or when dry.

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Alignment guide marked on the mat

Includes carrying bag





Shows stains and dirt

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  1. Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

Alo Yoga unisex-adult Warrior Mat

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Warrior Mat by Alo Yoga Our overall favorite because of its straightforward, no-frills quality.

The yoga mat itself was nice and thick, having enough space for a moderate vinyasa flow.

This allowed for the most advantageous cushion and firmness that eliminated any wrist tiredness in poses like downward facing dog as well, which also made it a great option to be used with yoga wheels.

This Alo mat had plenty of traction right out of the box with no need for a break-in period; we didn’t once slip on it during testing.

You don’t have to worry about your knees when practicing Lizard Pose or Frog Pose during a longer yin yoga practice due to the 5-millimeter thickness protecting you adequately.

It is less than 6 pounds and rolls nicely into a tight coil which makes for great portability.

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✯ Pros

Rolls up tightly

Available in 10 colors

Easy care instructions


✯ Cons

Slightly Heavy

Dirt may show on colored versions

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What To Look For When Buying A Yoga Mat?

  • Grip

A yoga mat that slides all over the place is up there with some of the worst, according to Crumpton.

A textured yoga mat or one made with rubber is also best for fast-paced or hot yoga, especially if you have sweaty hands.

This gives your hands and feet that extra bit of grip on the floor, making for a less wobbly practice and avoiding you landing up on the other side of the room.

Performs better in balancing poses and is therefore more suitable for beginners.


  • Thickness

The thicker your yoga mat, the more support your spine and joints will have for all those bends (perfect if you have dodgy knees like me),” Crumpton concludes.

While that lack of density made it notably sticky and easy to roll, a thinner mat (like ones with 3mm or less thickness) is preferable.


  • Length

It is a good mat if you are looking for a little more space than the typical yoga mat size of 180cm x 64 cm, due to your height or desire for some extra playroom.

Try larger mats or if you need the extra room want to use your mat for HIIT workouts.


  • Portability

Think about where and when you plan on using the mat before purchasing, explains Crumpton.

Not as vital if it’s going to be sat in the same spot at home, but definitely so when traveling between a studio or on holiday.

Look for something that rolls up easily and has straps – ideally less than 2kg.


  • Sustainability

Most yoga mats are made from PVC material, which is cost-effective but not exactly biodegradable! Choose a natural material surrounding the mat, such the one made out of cork, or jute, and even perfect rubber.


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