5 Best Under-Desk Treadmills

5 Best Under-Desk Treadmills and Walking Pads

Introducing an under-desk treadmill to your home allows you not only a place to take that walk without walking out the door.

Although many of us enjoy walking in our local area or surrounded by nature, it is not always possible.

These minimalist treadmills are perfect if you spend most of the day cooped up inside working from home or stuck inside because it’s freezing outside.

Under-desk treadmills have no handles, giant displays, or virtual classes, and most of them are not as fast as the highest-quality running machines.

Instead, they utilize a basic walking surface that keeps you moving smoothly and also can easily be hidden in between usages.

To help you find the right model for your setup, we tested more than a few under-desk treadmills by bringing them home and using each one with a standing desk—it was also an opportunity to work up walking workouts (and get moving during seemingly endless Zoom calls).


5 Best Under-desk Treadmills And Walking Pads


  1. UREVO Three-in-One Under Desk Walking Treadmill

UREVO Treadmill with Desk

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This 3-in-1 under-desk treadmill comes in black and silver to blend with your home office decor, and it offers a variety of uses.

It can be positioned beneath an existing vertical desk for a passive tread-walking mode, or to elevate the dual handrail supports at each side when in jogging mode, while a removable desktop could be affixed on top so you’ll have an all-in-treadmill desk.

A small footprint that can also accommodate a laptop, as well as other gear so you don’t need a dynamic desk.

But the desktop height is locked in and this will not satisfy all ends of the spectrum so you may still be a happy user.

In walking mode, you can change the speed up to 3.8 mph by remote or increase it to 8.6 mph in jogging/running mode.

An easy-to-read LED display offers more detailed information on speed, distance, and calories burned.

The quality of this treadmill was praised by most reviewers, even with some mentioning the low handrail (they think the desktop option is very practical in case you have limited space).

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Supports walking/running mode

Available in black or silver

Clear LED display

Features detachable desktop



Cannot adjust the desktop height.

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  1. WalkingPad R2 Treadmill

WalkingPad R2 Treadmill Running and Walking Folding Treadmill

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This unique under-desk treadmill folds flat to provide vertical storage, helping you store it in a closet or against the wall.

On wheels for easy transportation, this will be delivered fully assembled so you can get started straight away.

It is equipped with a handrail that has a slot for your phone or tablet, enabling you to watch videos while working out, and the handrail can be lowered so it pairs with your standing desk.

The measurement of exercise time, speed, and distance are also viewed on a video display screen at the bottom part of the machines.

With a hand remote control or via the corresponding app. You can also speed up and slow down with your feet using auto mode by stepping in different areas of the belt.

It’s great for walking, but running at higher speeds on the Kickr could feel less stable for some people.

It is also not totally silent (it operates very quietly) Still, testers loved how compact and ready for storage it was.

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Compact and easy to carry around

Comes fully assembled

Open Handrail and Optional Phone and Tablet Slot



Not tough enough for jogging or running

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  1. Goplus Two-in-One Folding Treadmill

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill, 2.25HP Superfit Under Desk Electric Treadmill

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While many under-desk treadmills are little more than glorified walking pads, this two-in-one offering is a fully-fledged treadmill with an adjustable handrail that you can raise to 7.5mph speeds when it’s not in use as a work surface — which stacks up very well against the best home gyms options out there.

The handrail just opened space for you to do it from a gently modest 0.5 mph while solo / carrying your stand-up desk material, up to the cruising speed of 2.5 mph if the walking arrangement is relatively close.

Steel frames keep the treadmill stable during use as well, and its compact running belt doesn’t demand too much room in your household.

Comes fully assembled and ready to use, and includes transport wheels that make moving your Maxi climber a breeze.

This also has an LED display which would show you the time, speed, distance and calories burnt during your exercise. All of this can be controlled from a remote balanced in one hand.

The treadmill has a clip-on key for your safety, so if anything were to go wrong the pad would stop immediately.

It works with the app, which reads your exercise data and has space for a phone while on the handrail. A built-in speaker for music or podcast playback

Although It wouldn’t necessarily say that the Yowza Lido is perfect, or that it has a really advanced app – but given the price this treadmill seems to be working particularly well.

Taking this in mind, you can place it on carpets but the manufacturer warns not to do so as your motor might overheat.

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It includes an LED display that shows a range of metrics

No installation required

What are the Walking and Jogging Modes for?



Should not be used on the carpet.

2.5 mph, walking-mode only

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5 Best Under-Desk Treadmills and Walking Pads


  1. GOYOUTH Two-in-One Under Desk Electric Treadmill

GOYOUTH 2 in 1 Under Desk Electric Treadmill

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This GOYOUTH treadmill is a perfect option for small spaces such as apartments thanks to its lightweight and compact size. You can also use it alone or place it under your office desk and exercise while working.

Although its belt is shorter, it is still quite functional and cheap. Thanks to its 220-pound- weight limit, you can work at a speed of no more than 6 mph.

There is also an opportunity to choose a color that will perfectly match your home office. At the base of the machine, you can control time, calories, and speed.

It is easily stored under the sofa due to two transport wheels. However, you should remember about the height clearance.

There are twelve built-in programs on this treadmill, and you can also sync it with your phone through bluetooth if you want to listen to music while working of affecting.

Another advantage is that it is fairly cheap and lightweight, easily movable with transport wheels.

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Lightweight and comes with transport wheels

Its price is reasonable

Twelve built-in programs



Its maximum user weight is 220 pounds

Its belt size is a bit smaller than others.

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  1. Sunny Health & Fitness Under Desk Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness Slim Under Desk Walking Compact Treadpad Treadmill

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Sunny Health & Fitness Under Desk Treadmill Workstation is an affordable solution that supplies comfort and simplicity.

Lean but a little shortened in comparison with the alternatives, this model is a great solution for more petite users who require their treadmill to be designed in a compact way.

The treadmill is delivered already assembled, and the only requirement is to provide enough lubricant with the application brush for the belt and plug the treadmill into the power flow.

The treadmill felt stable and kept walking relatively quietly. I was very satisfied with its display screen that showed all the necessary statistics ranging from the speed, number of steps, and the distance moved to the amount of calories burned and the time elapse.

There are wheels located at the bottom side of the treadmill, making it possible to move it from room to room and slide back under the bed after the completion of the workout.

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Highly comfortable and simple to use

The display screen shows a wide array of stats




May be too short

No handrail at all

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What To Look For When Buying The Best Under-desk Treadmill or Walking Pad?

Before purchasing an under-desk treadmill there are a number of factors that have to be kept in mind:

Size: Some under-desk treadmills and walking pads are larger or longer than others.

Although they are typically more compact than traditional exercise machines, individuals should still consider the dimensions to ensure that they will fit into their space.

It is also important for them to check the maximum weight load for safety.


Speed: In case learners want to run or jog when they do not work, they need a more sturdy option that can safely adjust to higher speeds. Typically, under-desk treadmills are manufactured for modest walks.


Cost: Budget One of the most significant factors is the price one pays for a product.

Under-desk treadmills will generally cost between $300 to $600, but prices may vary. Usually, higher-end models ensure better quality.

Also, consider buying a standing desk if it does not come with a treadmill and adjust its price accordingly.


Special features: Decide if you want to lean on basic LED displays turn to touch screens or have better control over the treadmill’s settings through the hand remote or app connectivity.


Setup and delivery: While under-desk treadmill see if the machine comes with wheels for easy transport and is ready to go once you receive it.

If you are planning on needing help with set up, and/or will be relocating these screens in your home down the road, think about how easy it would be to move them around since they both weigh over 70 pounds each.


Warranty: Long-term warranty (check important parts like the motor, and frame) Choose items that include long warranty windows to help you rest easy.


Disclaimer: At Thriven Authority, we strive to provide clear and helpful information for our readers. All products listed are carefully curated by our editorial team, but we recommend using your discretion and seeking an expert’s opinion before using them. Prices and availability may change after publication. If you buy something via the links in this article, we may earn a commission


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