5 Best Treadmills for Your Home

5 Best Treadmills for Your Home Gym

Having one of the best treadmills at home is the easiest way to keep up your cardio fitness.

Whether walking your way to fitness or completely committed to week after week of high-intensity running, having a convenient place for you was the key to consistency when conditions outdoors were less desirable.

Many modern treadmills offer virtual classes to help keep you motivated, although Peloton is most notable for its high-energy sessions.

Remember that live and on-demand workouts come at a cost (prices vary by manufacturer, so check with the manufacturer for specifics), which you will want to factor in to your treadmill purchase before buying.


5 Best Treadmills for Your Home Gym


  1. Sole Fitness F63 Treadmill

Sole Fitness F63 Treadmill

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The Sole Fitness F63 T treadmill is capable of speeds up to 12 mph and can withstand 15 incline levels.

The machine is moderately priced with a harmonious blend of common features including a 6.5-inch LCD that captures speed, incline, time, distance, calories, and pace. It is also a chest-strap suitable in addition to pulse grips.

This machine has seven standard programs. The treadmill has a tablet holder on the console which is great for users who enjoy streaming running and walking classes with their favorite fitness app.

It also comes with a USB port for charging and Bluetooth audio speakers.

In the grand scale of treadmills, the F63 is a good deal. Excellent value is provided by the substantial running belt— useful both for those people who like to get up to a sprinting pace and beginners who may want a middle of the road treadmill as they learn.

The eye-level tablet holder is a good idea, meaning you do not have to look down the whole time you run in order to view your content.

It might not be the highest-spec treadmill on the market, but this reliable product comes at a price that is a real quality investment.

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15 incline levels.

Up to 12mph.

Tablet holder included.



No smart touchscreen.

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  1. NordicTrack Commercial 1750

NordicTrack Commercial 1750

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The Commercial 1750 treadmill by NordicTrack presents a complete package with its sturdy build, responsive deck, and captivating iFit programming.

Featuring speeds from 0.5 to 12 mph and an incline range from -3% to 15%, it performed equally well for running and walking.

The console has a rotating 14-inch touchscreen followed by more buttons, both touch, and tactile, for occasioning the speed, inclination, decline, and the fan.

The clear LCD shows all essential metrics, such as distance, pace, speed, inclination, calories, and time.

During guided training, all data can be changed to ‘time remaining,’ which is also displayed for achieving personal workouts.

The dimensions of the NordicTrack 1750 include it being significant of size – ten feet long, three and a half feet wide, and just over five feet high.

It is important to have plenty of room to use the machine. Furthermore, the belt may be raised up to save space.

The NordicTrack 1750 is preprogrammed and includes a month of free iFit membership. For those who want a guided treadmill exercise, this plan will allow them to follow it.

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There are many advantages of the equipment such as

A tremendous range of speed and incline;

Convenient and hassle-free speed and incline control;

Interesting and amusing iFit courses.



The disadvantages of the item include time lag at startup.

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  1. ProForm Carbon T7 Smart Treadmill

ProForm Carbon T7 Smart Treadmill

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The Proform Carbon T7 appears to be a decent choice if you are in the market for a connected treadmill without all the features – and are okay with spending a bit more time putting the item together.

Considering that the Carbon T7 is made by the same parent company – Icon Fitness, as NordicTrack corresp 1750, it serves as a less costly alternative to the latter.

Even though the two models share many of the same features, such as a 7” touchscreen, iFit integration, and EasyLift Assist for folding, the T7 has a lower 12 mph max speed, 12% incline, and 2.75 CHP motor. Thus, the Proform model is cheaper by several hundred dollars.

It is easy to use the Proform Carbon T7 as it helps keep things simple with toggles for speed and incline as well as quick-speed controls, and the plus/minus buttons to adjust speed and incline.

The only letdown is that its 7-inch touchscreen is smaller compared to others and sound left a lot to be desired. At least it effectively displayed the essentials of speed, distance, calories, and incline.

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It could access iFit

Great range of speed and incline



It was difficult to assemble

The motor offered less power than the others.

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5 Best Treadmills for Your Home Gym


  1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7515

Sunny Health & Fitness Premium Treadmill

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One of the most commonly chosen models of a treadmill on Amazon, this option’s average price slightly falls out of the established price range and could reach around $500.

For the stated price, it performs decently where walking is concerned. However, the 16.5-inch width is, at the very best, relatively uncomfortable to run on at higher speeds.

For the same reason, the maximum is flawed; namely, decreasing the maximum speed to 8 miles per hour excludes this treadmill not only from being chosen by serious runners but also by those who sometimes enjoy sprinting.

Besides, this treadmill, from the entry-level range, will not be the best choice for large-framed people, because of the 240-pound weight limit, which is relatively small for a treadmill, and the 49.5-inch length of the belt.

They cannot obtain continuous horsepower, but its maximum horsepower is 2.2, which is relatively low, as, in general, the average horsepower for treadmills we tested is 3.46.

However, the appliance is user-friendly, and the incline is terrific. The motor requires no maintenance, and the belt will likely hold up pretty well.

It is easy to set up and once assembled, you can move it easily between rooms because it is relatively compact, lightweight, foldable, and comes equipped with wheels.

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Easy to assemble

Good for walking



Limited speed variety

Narrow belt

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  1. Horizon Fitness T101 Foldable Treadmill

Horizon Fitness T101 Foldable Treadmill

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For a beginner in treadmill training who is searching for an entry-level model with basic features, the Horizon T101 stands as our best pick.

Though this rival doesn’t offer quite as much capability, it’s still a strong competitor and came this close to landing our Best Value honor.

The T101 has an acceptable top speed of 10 mph (a pace that translates to a six-minute mile) and an incline range from 0% all the way up to 10%. It offers a 20- by 55-inch belt and will hold up to 300 pounds with its 2.75 CHP motor.

You also get a tablet holder and Bluetooth speakers. While the deck lacks the spacious luxury of top-tier treadmills, this machine is well-built and performs extremely well for its price point.

While Horizon does not provide assembly services, this treadmill was one of the easiest machines to put together.

Installed, it takes up hardly any room and is unobtrusive sufficient to fit right into a corner of a living room. The T101 also folds up after usage to save space.

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Compact design

Nice speed/inclination range for this price



Hides the console in a tablet holder

Does not show pace in minutes/mile

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