5 Best Running Armbands

5 Best Running Armbands for Workout

Whether you are a regular walker or a seasoned marathoner, you need a comfortable way of carrying your phone while running or working out.

Not only do hands and pockets offer an impractical way of carrying your device, but they may cause a higher risk of dropping.

Phone armbands and holders are there for running and will help you carry your phone securely without needing your hands.

Additionally, such accessories made of waterproof material protect your device from such harsh atmospheric conditions as heavy rains.

Armbands come in different forms, including running belts, clip-on arm straps, or even cases. Hence, they’re available for every kind of user.

The above top picks were vetted by experts and editors who tested each phone armband to see how well they protected their phones during workouts. This is our selection of the best phone holders for running to help you drop your next jog.


5 Best Running Armbands for Workout

  1. Tribe Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

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This is a favorite phone holder of millions of customers, as can be seen by nearly 50,000 reviews on Amazon! We love it for three size options to fit most of today’s phones and two adjustable strap sizes to fit most arms.

The best part of it and what makes it stand out is a clear screen cover that allows one to use a touchscreen to unlock the phone or answer calls.

In addition to that, it has other useful features such as an anti-tangle headphone cord organizer, a key pocket, reflective strips, and it is available in 11 color options and designs, which is most out of the phone armbands offered in this review.

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Several color options

Adjustable strap length

Three sizes



Could use more water/sweat resistance

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  1. LifeProof LifeActiv Armband with QuickMount

LifeProof LIFEACTÍV Armband with QuickMount

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This armband simplifies checking your mileage mid-workout with a convenient twist-to-remove feature for your phone.

Attach the included adapter to the back of your phone case, which is compatible with the brand’s other mounting accessories for home or car use.

While the clip may take some time to master, it’s very practical once you do. Overall, this case is durable and well-constructed.

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Three armband sizes

Easy clip-on and off



Phone remains exposed

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5 Best Running Armbands for Workout

  1. FlipBelt Running Workout Belt

FlipBelt Running Workout Belt

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If you feel the need for an even distribution because it otherwise feels unbalanced, or just want to keep your phone at reach on a run with as little jostling around as possible, a belt is probably going to be your best friend.

The moisture-wicking, machine washable FlipBelt has multiple openings to hold all your stuff. Plus its got a zippered pocket for loose change and keys as well.

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Washable in machine

Fits in large phones

Zippered pocket for valuables



Quality of the material could be more durable

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  1. Tune Belt AB92 Cell Phone Running Armband

Tune Belt AB92 Cell Phone Running Armband Holder Case

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This phone armband is special because it can accommodate very large phones all the way up to 6.9 inches.

Therefore, it will work with your large smartphone up to iPhone 12 and all smaller versions. If you have a much older model it would probably not reach as big as 6.9, but maybe 6.0.

In addition, it will work with your OtterBox and LifeProof cases. You can use the touch screen with no problem and there is an opening for your lightning connector so you can charge it while it is in the armband.

Therefore, you can wear it and listen with your wired headphones. The arm strap is very thin and can feel bulky on your arm.

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This is a really great feature that it will work with very large phones and big cases.

The arm strap is very thin.



It can feel a bit bulky on the arm.

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  1. Nike Lean Arm Band

Nike Lean Arm Band

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If you already have Nike sports bras and shorts, why not complete your workout outfit with a sleek and lightweight phone armband from the same brand?

We wish it came in more colors, but we love its large, slim design and the clear window that allows you to check your texts among other alerts as you run.

Additionally, runners who prefer a belt will no doubt fall in love with this popular belt from Fitletic.

It’s pretty expensive to accommodate your phone and anything else you may need to carry, whether a key, ID, credit card, etc.

It features a slightly larger zippered pouch, which we absolutely love, and have to commend the producers for giving buyers a choice of colors. Moreover, it is flexible.

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Slim with attractive design

Have large clear window



More expensive

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What To Look For When Buying Phone Holder For Running?

Size : Size is key when choosing a phone carrier for exercise. Phones now span the spectrum from petite to plus-sized.

Be sure the armband or belt can safely and snugly support your screen along with its protective case without slacking or sliding during active movement.

Consider measuring both your phone and limb circumference to find a perfect, cushioned fit that prevents a bouncing bounty without compromising the range of motion or security.

After all, you want technology to track performance, not impede it.


Style:  Phone armbands strap around one of your arms and often offer a clear window for accessible phone use, while running belts around your waist and tend to let you keep your smartphone in an enclosed pocket.

If you don’t think it important to always have access to your phone immediately.

If you frequently need to text or answer the phone while running, some cell phone holders make this task quick and simple.

Also, consider where you might be more comfortable carrying a little bit of extra weight: your arm or your waist.

If you tend to run with a few items like your ID, keys, or anything else valuable, running belts typically have more storage space compared to an armband which usually only has room for storing the phone.


Material: It has indeed a material characteristic that determines how comfortable it shall be for running. Most armbands will be made with — similar to what you get in activewear.

Most are made of polyester, nylon blended with spandex to add enough stretch. “The materials are lightweight/ portable, durable, and hold their shape over time.

” Other adjustable elements as Velcro are important to have on your armband. This allows you a better fit and the capacity to hold up the weight of your phone


Extra Features: Although not necessary, you should make sure to check if your phone holder comes with any extra features such as a water resistance rating, clever storage compartments, handheld pockets, or an anti-tangle cord organizer for your headphones!

In turn, having these additional features will add to the convenience and functionality of your phone holder.


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